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Brother MFC-5100J, MFC-5200J, MFC-5490CN, MFC-5490CW, ink cartridges

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Black LC61 + colors compatible .Works perfectly in Your Brother printer Model: MFC58O, MFC590, MFC890, MFC5100J, MFC5200J

Review of Brother MFC-5490CN, MFC-5490CW printers

The Brother MFC-5490CN, MFC-5490CW & MFC-5890CN are utility multifunctional printers with the advantages of printing, scanning, copying and fax molded beautifully to provide an excellent, never before experience. These machines are similar in size. The MFC 5490 CN measuring 17.3” X 15.9” X 8.7” and weighing at 28.8 lbs. These machines weigh in this range and have similar dimensions. The advantage of these machines lies in the fact that these are star rated, leading to less energy consumption apart from the good performance. A common factor that binds these machines is the most compatible printer ink cartridge , the LC 61 that can be used. These compatible ink cartridges work so well you will have a hard time telling that they are not the original brand cartridges. One can get hold of these discount ink cartridges online and among the different sites one can purchase at Peachtree ink at attractive prices, safely.

Borderless printing at 6000 X 1200 dpi is an attractive character of these machines at 28 ppm. The input capacity of the machines is 150 pages with the advantage of USB 2.0 apart from the compatibility with memory cards. Availability of color fax makes it better apart from the good transmission speed of 3 sec per page. The copier has the advantage of reduction as well as enlargement, important aspect in the daily office work. The scanner too is impressive in these machines with an optical resolution of 1200 X 2400 dpi. This is excellent for a machine of this size and weight. Excellent series by any means.  

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