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Intellifax 1360, Intellifax 1860C, Intellifax 1960c ink cartridges

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Top quality Brother compatible BLACK ink cartridge 25ml. 1000s sold, no complaints. You get 2 day shipping. ------------------------------------- THESE BROTHER INK CARTRIDGES ARE SUITABLE FOR PRINTERS AROUND THE WORLD IN EVERY COUNTRY. We ship these ink cartridges to any country in the world. ------------------------------------- Click here to find other Brother printer ink cartridges ------------------------------------- Suitable for these printers: MFC-230c MFC-440cn MFC-660cn MFC-240c MFC-465c MFC-665cw MFC-244cn MFC-465cn MFC-685cw MFC-3360c MFC-5460cn MFC-845cw MFC-3660c MFC-5860cn MFC-885cw MFC-3660cn MFC-655cw DCP-130c DCP-350c DCP-750cw DCP-330c DCP-540cn DCP-770c Intellifax 1360 Intellifax 1960c Intellifax 2480c Intellifax 1860c Intellifax 2460c Intellifax 2580C

Review of the Brother Intellifax 1360, Intellifax 1860C, Intellifax 1960c Printers

The Brother Intellifax 1360 on one of the more robust and useful machines that do the dual job of a copier and a fax machine with ease. The machine measures 16 X 11.5 X 8.4 inches and weighs at 13 lbs. This is one machine that does not require bulging muscles to be carried around. Operating at a temperature range of 50-95 degrees F this machine works with ease. The machine runs on the LC51 inkjet ink cartridges series. This type of cartridge, available at Peachtree ink with a few clicks is just the one that does the job almost perfectly. This cartridge is the most compatible type to work as a generic and has proven to generate excellent results. The generic Peachtree INK brand inkjet cartridge is so much cheaper than the original Brother brand. Considering that it does virtually the exact same thing as the original why waste all that money just for a brand name?
The Brother 1360 is a monochrome fax machine and runs on inkjet technology requiring only one black LC51 printer ink cartridges to operate. That makes it very cheap to operate. It has a memory of 16 MB. Copying at 18 ppm the machine is capable of delivering a resolution of 600 X 600 dpi and has the ability of enlargement of 400% as well as reduction of 25%. The fax runs at a speed of 14.4 kbps and is G3 compatible apart from the presence of a data compression system. The machine has fax forwarding advantage and the machine is compatible with different paper sizes. The input capacity is 100 sheets   while the output tray can handle a maximum of 50 sheets. Operating at 26W and 6 W during standby this machine surely is economical. A good buy.
The Brother 1860C measures 16 X 11.5 X 8.4 inches and weighs 13.2 lbs almost the same weight of the Brother 1960c model which is 13.4 lbs. Both the machines have the advantage of USB connection and have and input tray of 100 sheets capacity and output capacity of 50 sheets. This is useful considering the innumerable refilling that would be otherwise necessary. The machines are compatible with the LC51 and the affordable and good quality prints would be proof to that. You will only need one black LC51 cartridge as this is a fax machine and only works with black. The LC51 cartridges are also available in cyan, yellow and magenta can be purchased at Peachtree ink with ease and at affordable prices. One is sure to find a good deal here. The cheap cartridges at Peachtree INK cost substantially less than on other websites and surely much cheaper than the original Brother brand ink cartridges. For faxing purposes we definitely do not need to keep copies of the fax messages for 100 years which is what the original brand ink cartridge makers advertise. The generic alternatives last for 20 years so this will be perfect for fax messages and images.
With a document feeder capacity of 20 sheets the machines are compatible with papers of different sizes. These machines have inbuilt answering machines and the fax have the ability of being forwarded automatically with a broadcast station of over 160. Copying at 18 ppm at 1300 X 600 dpi these machines are capable of delivering quality as well as the advantage of reduction and enlargement options. As already stated the cartridge compartment has the four different colored cartridges. The machines have a memory capacity of 16 MB and hence rather fast with the different functions. A good buy by all means.

Review of Brother DCP-1410C &  DCP-1610C printers

The Brother DCP 1410 C and the DCP 1610 C are multifunctional devices that do the job of printing, copying, faxing and scanning in a well synchronized way that makes the buyers feel at home with these machines. These machines run on the Brother LC61 cartridge that is available in cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors. This particular cartridge is extremely compatible and provides real affordable printing and copying for the machine without sacrificing on the quality of the prints. This cartridge can be procured online at Peachtree ink at very competitive prices. This particular site offers various types of cheap inkjet cartridges as well. One is sure to get a good deal here.

The machines have a good printing speed of about 25 ppm churned out at impressive resolution. The printing is complemented with the copying, at good pace and with a good resolution. One can make use of the enlargement and reduction property of the machines, offered. The fax is fast and a transmission speed of 3 sec per page is more than handy for the people willing to use it as a all round device. One can get excellent results from the in-built scanning as well. One gets good resolution of the scanned items. This machine is compatible with different operating systems and is USB 2.0 compatible as well. This is a good buy, for people looking to get an all round device at an affordable rate.  
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