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Intellifax 2460c, Intellifax 2480C, Intellifax 2580c ink cartridge

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--- Suitable for these printers: MFC-230c MFC-440cn MFC-660cn MFC-240c
MFC-465c MFC-665cw MFC-244cn MFC-465cn MFC-685cw MFC-3360c
MFC-5460cn MFC-845cw MFC-3660c MFC-5860cn MFC-885cw MFC-3660cn
MFC-655cw DCP-130c DCP-350c DCP-750cw DCP-330c DCP-540cn DCP-770c
Intellifax 1360 Intellifax 1960c Intellifax 2480c Intellifax 1860c Intellifax 2460c Intellifax 2580C

Review of the Brother Intellifax 2480C Printers

The Bother 2480c fax printer measures 15.7 X 14.6 X 7.1 inches slightly larger than the Brother intellifax  2460c in terms of size. This machine is one of the better ones to handle the huge office load of fax, copying and printing. Running on LC51 cartridges this machine is affordable and offers excellent output in the print section proving the excellent compatibility with LC51 ink cartridge. One can easily obtain  the low cost generic copier ink from Peachtree ink dot com and not pay a hefty sum in the process. The LC51 black ink cartridges at Peachtree INK are aftermarket generic ink cartridges that have been tested by hundreds of Brother fax machine users. No need to order the high priced original brand Brother ink as you can do the same thing with the generic version available at much lower prices. The machines are connected to the PC via USB and are compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.
The Brother intellifax 2480c model has a 10 page document feeder as apposed to the 20 page available in 2460c version. The fax resolutions are same in both the machine at 203 X 392 dpi, quite good for machines of this category. Copying speed is impressive at 17 ppm and the machine is of a size that fits in at odd corners of the house. One of the features that one might find handy is the caller ID built into the telephone apart from the different ring tones that are found to be available. This machine is definitely a good buy for the people with limited funds yet seeking a good all round machine.

Reviewing the Brother Intellifax 2580C printer

The Brother Intellifax 2580c is one of the modern generation machines that do the dual job of a copier and fax with equal ease. The machine measures about 18.7” X 14.6” X 7.1” and weighs in at 18.9 lbs. This machine is just the one you might be looking for with its color copying capability. This Brother 2580C fax printer uses the black LC51 cartridge which is also available in Magenta, Yellow, Cyan. As this is a fax machine customers are unlikely to need blue, red or yellow LC51 ink. Most people use the black printer ink cartridge and these can be found at greatly reduced prices at Peachtree INK. The cartridges that are available at Peachtree Ink are generic ink cartridges but work just as well as the originals but at an extremely affordable price. One can just visit the site and come across the needed discount printer cartridges. Look for LC51 or your printer model 2580c.

The machine has a fax speed of 14.4 kbps and a transmission speed of 6 pages per second. An input capacity of 100 pages sees to the fact that the machine does not need frequent refilling. Fax forwarding is present in this machine as well. The telephone with a 5.8 GHz cordless receiver has the advantage of speaker phone as well. A speed dial of 100 locations comes handy. A copying speed of 18 cpm is good enough for the quick jobs. The machine runs on 30W of power and needs a mere 5W for the standby mode. This machine is a killer with a maximum of 25,000 pages that can be churned out.
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