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Canon BCI-5BK wide + BCI-6 black + color GENERIC INK CARTRIDGES

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Compatible ink for Stylus BJC 3000,6000,6100,6200,6200s,
6500,s400,s400x,s400sp, s450,s500,s520,s520x,s5300d
,s600,s630,s750,s4500, i550,i550x,i6100,i6500,i850,i860,i865
Multipass c100 Smartbase mp700,mpc400,mpc600f PIXMA
,ip3000,ip3300,ip4000,ip4000r,ip4200,ip4300, ip5000,ip5200
,ip5200r,ip5300,ix4000,ix5000, mp500,mp510,mp530,mp600,
mp600r,mp750,mp760,mp780 ---------------------------

Review of the BCI-5BK Ink Cartridge

Although an ink cartridge is considered as a consumable item, its role in printing is as crucial as the printer itself. In the case of the BCI-5BK black printer ink cartridge, this point can be proven by the fact that it serves a number of Canon models. These include the PIXMA MP500 series, PIXMA MP600 series, and PIXMA MP800 series. Another set of Canon printers it works with are the PIXMA IP300 series, PIXMA iP400 series, and PIXMA iP500 series. Apart from versatility, the cost and yield are also considerations that consumers must not overlook. To save on cost while maintaining yield, high quality generic ink cartridges can be considered. These consumables can easily be sourced out online from suppliers like Peachtreeink.com online distribution.

It is not really useless to look into the type of ink cartridge before purchasing a printer. The BCI-5BK functions in Canon’s top-of-the-line printers mostly multifunction models. All-in-one printers consume large volumes of ink compared to their single function counterparts. Moreover, they are commonly used in commercial applications where operational cost must be constantly monitored. In opting to install generic ink cartridges, savings in the cost of consumables can be added to the bottom line. Through the recent innovation in generic ink cartridge production, their quality is comparable to original ones but definitely cost less.    

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