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Canon PGI-35 and CLI-36 Discount generic ink cartridges

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Black compatible cartridge. Perfect for your Canon Printer.This is a NEW cartridge
complete with a chip-100% equal to the original.Suitable for IP100 Printers

These Canon generics suitable for use in UK and Europe printers --

Review of the Canon PGI-35 and CLI-36 Ink Cartridges

Microchips are the brains behind every operation of cutting edge mechanical and electronics equipment. In printers, these chips play an interesting role in monitoring ink levels. They are integrated in the printer ink cartridge to determine which tank is out of ink. The Canon PGI-35 black and CLI-36 tri-color inks have sophisticated generic counterparts with the same feature. Peachtreeink.com sells such consumables online and Canon ink cartridges are part of the product lines. Any no non-sense printer owner would agree to the fact that it would be more convenient to use and maintain a tri-color ink cartridge combined with one black ink tank.

In a busy office, it is crucial that an early warning system is in place for printer consumables. This enables operators to know what cartridges to be replaced. In this way, there is ample time to prepare. Compatible cartridges for PGI-35 and CLI-36 serve the bottom line well provided that they are manufactured with strict standards. Dozens of distributors sell and market generic ink cartridges but they are not in equal level in terms of quality. A credible distributor of Canon ink cartridges must back up its products with a guarantee of quality. This is an important quality of a generic ink cartridge dealer.    

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