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Canon PGI-7 combo Black +Photo black and 3 colors- (5 set combo)

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This cartridges is used by the Canon PIXMA MX7600 and pro9500 inkjet printers.

Review of the PGI-7 Combo Black

It is a must that photos be smudge-resistant because of the large amount of ink that goes into their printing. For Canon printers like the MX7600 Office All-in-one model, this characteristic is desirable for the assortment of prints being produced at a given time. The PGI-7 large capacity ink tank is perfect for this duty combined with photo black and three other standard ink colors for printers. They are also known as the 5 set combo for individual ink-cartridge setup. The sole purpose of adapting two primary black print cartridges is to adapt each one to different types of media. Photo black is intended for satin, luster, and glossy papers for photos and other vibrant images for commercial applications. On the other hand, the other black ink tank is for prints that are not too specialized such as text and monochrome images printed on standard media.

Fortunately, it is not hard to look for replacement ink cartridges that will make printing on multifunction printers more affordable. Peachtreeink.com is one of the distributors that supplies efficient and affordable generic inks in the internet. Each one of the 5 ink tanks which include the PGI-7 black has generic counterparts that can be bought separately. Many consumers like the cutting edge features of Canon printers but they are wise enough to settle for replacement affordable ink cartridges.    

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