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Pixma IP100 generic printer ink cartridges

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Black compatible cartridge. Perfect for your Canon Printer.
This is a NEW cartridge complete with a chip-100% equal to the original.Suitable for IP100 Printers
- These Canon generics suitable for use in UK and Europe printers

Review of the Canon Pixma IP100 Printer

By Shuchitra

The Canon Pixma IP100 with battery is one of those single function printers that give excellent photos and texts prints. This printer is compatible with different Media sizes and paper sizes as well. This printer is a battery powered one and helps in getting great prints. This printer is small in size but very effective for the different print jobs. The printer is a great way of having economical prints using the generic ink cartridges. The Canon IP100 is a simple yet very effective machine to start with. Measuring 322 X 85 X 61.7 mm with a light weight of 2 kg, this is one printer that can be kept in the office without wasting much space and is very portable due to the light weight too. This printer is the thing to be paired with the laptops and is perfect for professional photos. The generic cheapest ink cartridges include one pigmented black ink and the other cartridges are filled with four dye based inks, including black to create the colors needed for the colored prints. The input feeder can be taken out and has a support to keep the tray in place. The output tray is at the front of the printer where the printed pages are ejected.

The printer supports different paper sizes like the A4, A5, B5 and DL as it can support printing on different types of Medias like the envelopes, cards and much more. The borderless printing option in the printer helps to get the beautiful snaps without the boring and ugly borders. The control panel is housed on the top of the machine and houses the power button, power lamp alarm lamp apart from the standard Resume / Cancel buttons. The battery connector is located at the back of the printer making it a versatile one and IrDA port along with the USB port and the Pictbridge ports are all located at the right side of this machine. This machine has the advantage of being useful in places where the power supply is absent.

This printer is fast one with the monochromes being printed at 20 pages per minute (PPM), while the color prints are churned out at 14 PPM. The printer prints a 10 X 15 lab quality photo in 50 seconds only. The micro nozzles ejecting about 1 pl droplets help to get hi resolution 9600 X 2400 dpi prints with ease. The presence of the Save black ink option in the generic ink cartridges helps to reduce the over use of black ink in the print outs and makes the printer economical as well. This printer is the most energy efficient and useful printer due to the presence of its battery power option. Running on different operating systems like the Windows and Mac the printer has USB 2.0 advantage for fast operation and IrDa wireless printing advantage as well. This printer is just the thing for the man on the move.

Dye-based and pigment based inks have their respective purposes in printing. The former is highly efficient for printing photos while the latter is for conventional text documents. This is the main reason why printers like the Canon Pixma IP100 utilize two types of black ink cartridges. A single cartridge filled with colors yellow, cyan, and magenta completes the three-cartridge ink system. For a portable photo printer like this Canon model, it is advisable to install generic printer ink tanks equivalent to the original PGI-35 and CLI-36 cartridges. The lack of Wi-Fi adapter and card port does not mean that the PIXMA IP100 is a less capable printer. The USB ports and Bluetooth option are enough to do numerous printing tasks from different sources f data. The unit’s versatility of accommodating generic tanks extends to connecting to various mobile devices.

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