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Pixma IP2700 & IP2702 generic printer ink cartridges

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PG-210 compatible (regular volume)for Canon Pixma printers
PIXMA iP2702,MP240,MP250, MP270,MP280, MP480, MP490, MX320,MX330,MX340,MX350,MX410

Review of the Canon Pixma IP2700 & IP2702 Printers

Knowing that your photo will last for 300 years, you will definitely not hesitate to look for the printer that can deliver this fascinating output. The Canon Pixma iP2702 is the inkjet photo printer that can do the job. The photo quality alone will speak for the claim of its manufacturer. Its print resolution is 4800 x 1200 maximum color dpi. This level can only be achieved with an advanced print head. For its top of the line printers, Canon utilizes a patented pint head dubbed as Full-photolithography InkJet Nozzle Engineering. It sounds very technical but the simple explanation is that it fires minute ink droplets measuring 2 pl. A sophisticated print head like this needs generic ink having the same sophistication of technology. The photographs that last for centuries are products of the cutting edge FINE print head working with Canon authentic paper. You might find it hard to believe that the iP2702 can print a borderless 4” x 6” photo in less than a minute. Another neat technology that is built into this printer is a photo correction application. In the auto photo fix II, multi-zone exposure and optimal image corrections are applied. Before an appropriate correction is applied, the images are classified into scenery, portrait, night scenery, snapshot with night scenery, and snapshot with scenery. In each of these categories, employing generic ink for printer further enhances the applications.

Canon Pixma iP2702 perfectly fits to be a personal photo printer. It weighs a mere 7.5 lbs. Lighter than most compact inkjet printers. It measures 5.2” in height, 17.6” wide, and 9.8” thick. The unit is also power efficient consuming 11 watts in operational mode and 0.7 watts in standby mode. I wonder why Canon only provides a limited 90-day warranty. Nonetheless, there is a clause saying that it is subject to Instant Exchange. It works on a maximum paper size of 8” x 10” with generic ink providing more practical printing cost on large media types.

It works well with a number of Windows operating system but its only interface is a high speed USB 2.0 port. However, there are some problems experienced in the installation. It did not work well with sofware like Kaspersky protection. Others find it odd that the unit does not have paper try but for a specialized printer like the iP2702, there is really no need for one. It is not only energy efficient but does not also consume ink fast. It serves well people who just want simple and fast printing. The Canon PIXMA iP2700 and PIXMA iP2702 is the coolest inkjet photo printer we have seen in a long time and is supported by all the operating systems including the latest Windows 8 which was released in October 2012. Just make sure that you are selecting your operating system before running youir printer software. This very fast machine prints the most beautiful and the borderless photos up to 10 X 15cm in 55 seconds. It does 4800X1200dpi resolution and 2pl ink droplets for photolab-quality printing. It is compatible with web via Easy -Web Print EX and produces the documents all with the incredible quality. Canon supply the replacement printer ink cartridges in original brand Canon Pigment black ink to give you that laser-quality output or you can order printer ink in the dye ink version for smooth and natural photos.The generic CL-211 color cartridge and the CL-211XL color cartridges can be found in a Generic form from Peachtree INK Also the generic re-filled PG-210 Black Cartridge and PG-210 XL black cartridge will give you perfect results and will save you a lot of money at the same time. 
The recently introduced ChromaLife 100+ system enables the photos to last up to 300 years but this feature is only available in the genuine Canon ink and the printed paper should really be stored in an archival-quality photo album. Sun and air will always affect printer ink on paper so photos and printed documents have a limited lifespan whether you use expensive original brand ink or the cheaper generic brand printer ink. Auto Photo Fix II will make your job much easier by putting the errors and blemishes on photos correctly in the image and by using automatic correcting options from the Easy Photo-Print EX software.   This canon printer is cheap and very fast with easy operating facilities.To use this coolest printer ensure that all the software you are required is updated to the latest version if you want the best result from Cannon PIXMA iP2700 and PIXMA iP2702.

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