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Pixma IP4180 generic printer ink

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Generic black cartridge for canon Pixma printers IP 4810,IP4820,IX6520,MG5120,MG5220,MG5320, MG 6110,MG6120,MG8120,MG8120B,MX882,MX892

Review of the Canon Pixma IP4180 Printer

The photo black ink cartridge is an innovation in printing which dramatically improves color contrast. One of the Canon single function printers that use this type of ink is the PIXMA iP4180 photo printer. A pigment based ink is utilized for the photo black cartridge in combination with the dye based black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. The original equipment manufacturer supplied ink cartridges for the iP4180 are PGI-525 and CLI-526 combinations. As low-cost option, there is the Canon Pixma - IP4180 generic ink. These are replacement printer ink cartridges with the same specification. There are e-commerce sites that sell generic ink tanks fit for various printer brands. One of them is Peachtreeink.com online store which has an assortment of generic ink cartridge on stock.

This model is one of the remaining printers that utilize a five-cartridge system. Some have at least 4 ink tanks while the simplest ones have one black cartridge and a tri-color one. In some aspects, multiple cartridges are on a disadvantage. It takes more time to install them and cost more in the initial purchase. On the other hand, they are ideal in long term use because only empty tanks are discarded while the remaining ones continue to function. In buying generic cartridge cheap ink, the cost of print per page is definitely reduced.   

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