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Pixma IX7000 and MX7600 generic printer ink

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Review of the Canon Pixma iX7000 and MX7600 Printers

In today’s business environment, enterprises must be quick to revise plans and adapt to unexpected situations. Their tools and expertise must be upgraded to suit their needs. In using the Canon PIXMA iX7000 Inkjet Business Printer, business owners have access to printing on tabloid size if the need arises. Being a commercial printer, the iX7000 has three input trays classifies as manual feed, cassette, and a photo paper tray. The automatic duplexer and Ethernet connectivity show that this model is ready for numerous users and printing tasks as well. The quality of prints and speed that are processed are “more than good enough” for inkjet ink cartridges as one credible review put it.

An MFP counterpart of the Ix7000 in terms of size and business functionality is the PIXMA MX7600. It also has an auto-duplexer and functions with six ink tanks. The big difference is that the MX7600 can do a lot of other useful tasks like faxing, scanning, and copying. To achieve sustainable operation for both printers, there are Canon Pixma generic ink for iX7000 and MX7600. Consumers can google for nearby suppliers online like Peachtreeink.com online store. As a unit that connects to a PictBridge camera, the MX7600 has a 1.8’ display for photo preview. Aside from cameras, it also prints from memory cards and enlarge documents to 400% of the original size.      

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