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Pixma MP510 and MP520 printer ink cartridges

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PGI-5Black is the wide black cartridge complete with new chip required for many Canon pixma printers. If you order on this line you are ordering the WIDE black cartridge.................

Review of the Canon Pixma MP510  and MP520 Printers

In the design of gadgets and equipment like printers, streamlining can mean two things. It is being done to modernize an existing model which could increase its price. In contrast, streamlining can be done to make a product’s price more competitive. This is what happened with the Canon Pixma MP510 which is a precursor to the MP500. The LCD preview screen was minimized to 1.9” from 2.5”. From the 5 printer ink cartridges, it was reduced to 4 ink tanks. To make it more cost-efficient, a built-in duplexer was not also included. Although ink consumption has been reduced, the cost of operation can be further reduced with the use of generic ink tanks. These stuff can easily be sourced out from Peachtreeink.com online shop.

In the streamlining of the PIXMA MP500 series, numerous upgrades lead to more desirable design considerations without affecting cost. The success of the streamlined MP510 led to its further improvement while retaining cost. The LCD preview screen becomes bigger at 2” and users observed impressive improvement in print quality and speed. This is another Canon model that is perfect for photo printing but its all-in-one functions are also highly efficient for everyday home and office tasks. The scanning and copying features are also designed for more convenient file and document processing with support from efficient Canon Pixma - MP510 and MP520 print cartridges.  

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