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Pixus IP3100 generic ink

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This is a Canon Compatible NEW printer ink cartridge. THIS IS THE WIDE Black cartridge (you get wide and narrow Black) If you order on this line you are ordering WIDE BLACK -------------------------- Black BCI-3 Canon Compatible ink for Stylus BJC 3000,6000,6100,6200,6200s,6500,s400,s400x,s400sp, s450,s500,s520,s520x,s5300d,s600,s630,s750,s4500, i550,i550x,i6100,i6500,i850,i860,i865
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A Simple solution

Epson printers are known to be the worst for clogged printer heads. This is true whether using original cheap Epson ink cartridges or compatible cartridges.
Clogging occurs most often when changing a cartridge or if the printer has not been used for an extended period of time. Print heads have tiny, hairbreadth fine nozzles. The ink cartridge is just the reservoir which supplies the ink to the printer head. When the cleaning cycle does not solve the problem, it has been found that there is a cheap and simple method of unclogging these fine printer nozzles. Windex will unclog a print head.
The main chemical, ammonia will dissolve that itty bit of dry ink.

If your print head is not removable, you can inject Windex into an empty ink cartridge and run the head cleaning process to get the solution into the print head.
Alcohol, to the contrary belief, does NOT unclog the printer heads. It may work for a short while but the alcohol will actually increase the chances of another clog. It dries out the plastic and metals in the printer heads.
Here are a few more tips for Epson printers:
1.) Now and then turn your printer off whenever you are not using it. Epson runs a cleaning cycle every time it is turned on. This cycle gets the ink flowing though the print head. If you never shut off your printer, it will not run this cycle.
2.) Print regularly: This will help keep the ink from drying out in the print head nozzles. This is one of the biggest and most common faults of any inkjet printer. If you do not have a print job in any given week, just print something, anything but never let a printer stand idle for a long time. Have you checked out the prices for PEACHTREE replacement ink? click here for PEACHTREE BRAND printer ink cartridges.

Hello......I would like to thank the person who wrote the article on how to unclog an epson printer head. You can not know how happy you made me. I was going to go out and buy a new one until I read your article. The windex really did the trick.
Thank you so very much......
Ronn Mead......

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