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i- series i850 and i865 generic printer ink

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This is a Canon Compatible NEW printer ink cartridge. THIS IS THE WIDE Black cartridge +narrow black + colors
(you get wide and narrow Black) colors also available

 Black BCI-3 Canon Compatible ink for Stylus BJC 3000,6000,6100,6200,6200s,6500,s400,s400x,s400sp, s450,s500,s520,s520x,s5300d,s600,s630,s750,s4500, i550,i550x,i6100,i6500,i850,i860,i865
Multipass c100 Smartbase mp700,mpc400,mpc600f PIXMA ,ip3000,ip3300,ip4000,ip4000r,ip4200,ip4300, ip5000,ip5200,ip5200r,ip5300,ix4000,ix5000, mp500,mp510,mp530,mp600,mp600r,mp750,mp760,mp780 ---------------------------

Canon i865 printhead cleaning VIDEO

Review of the Canon i-series i850 and i865 Printers

It would be nice to have a printer at home that does not only boast of speed in the printed output but also of high quality photo image results which you can use when you want to print quality photos of occasional affairs with friends and family. Being available at home will give you ample time and cost effective use of your printer to print several photos instead of going to photo shops in order for your photo to be developed. High quality images can now be achieved with the use of Canon i850 printer that can let you print borderless photos within 48 seconds and you can just imagine how many short minutes is needed in order to print a whole album of pictures at home instead of going to other places. With the 1800 x 1200 color dpi of the Canon i850 you are sure to have high definition printing results. Being able to complete a project in just a few minutes is an advantage when you purchase this printer for use at home. You do not have to worry about ink cost since you can use generic ink cartridges and the printer will still work well. These generic replacement ink cartridges are of the top quality and the photos will last a lifetime. Nothing lasts forever, but at this low cost of ink you will surely get your money’s worth when ordering high quality compatible cheap ink cartridges from Peachtree INK.

Multimedia businesses can now make use of the Canon i865 printer in order to print several images and brochures for use in their showroom and to send to their clientele. It is good to make the preparations and advertisements on your own in order to cut cost when advertising your business and products and services you have. The design of Canon i865 is maintained in order to print images of up to A4 size that can be enlarged in order to make a larger picture. With this printer you can print several documents in just a few minutes even when you need hundreds of them to be printed. You can truly make valuable use of the printer for printing documents of up to 20 plus pictures per minute. In order to add more depths in pictures 2 hues of black ink are added separately in order to get high quality color defined images that do not easily get smudged or fade.  You will surely be able to print bright colored pictures in no time for great visual presentations. If you use this printer at home you can print out useful things like greeting cards or Christmas cards that will save you so much time and money and at the same time it will be a fun project. What is good about having separate ink cartridges is that you can choose to replace them separately as needed. You can also put generic ink cartridges discounted into the printer and they will work perfectly well. The generic branded ink like Peachtree Brand works very well in this i865 printer and will ultimately save you a lot on the cost of printer ink. Unfortunately printer ink is one of the most costly items in running a printer and now you are able to have an alternative to those pricey Canon brand ink cartridges.

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