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i- series i860 inexpenseve ink cartridges

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This is a Canon Compatible NEW printer ink cartridge. THIS IS THE WIDE Black cartridge +narrow black + colors.
(you get wide and narrow Black)

Black BCI-3 Canon Compatible ink for Stylus BJC 3000,6000,6100,6200,6200s,6500,s400,s400x,s400sp, s450,s500,s520,s520x,s5300d,s600,s630,s750,s4500, i550,i550x,i6100,i6500,i850,i860,i865
Multipass c100 Smartbase mp700,mpc400,mpc600f PIXMA ,ip3000,ip3300,ip4000,ip4000r,ip4200,ip4300, ip5000,ip5200,ip5200r,ip5300,ix4000,ix5000, mp500,mp510,mp530,mp600,mp600r,mp750,mp760,mp780

Review of the Canon i-series i860 Printers

If you want to have the best picture output with just the use of your home printer then you can purchase the Canon i860 printer. Being able to print high quality images with just the use of your home printer is already a plus when you want to search for a printer that is right for you. You can always check some images directly from your printer with the help of wired technology where you can also directly scan your digital camera and choose the images that you wish to print directly. Borderless pictures can directly be printed and you can have results in dimensions like 4” x 6”, 5” x 7” and an enlargement of 8.5” x 11”. This size is the biggest picture you can print with your printer. It is not only the pictures that matter, but when you need to print several documents for projects, then you can always make use of this printer that can print up to 23 pages per minute. You will certainly get the best results in just a few minutes. You will truly appreciate the separate 4 ink cartridge system that will work well for saving you  money. You only need to replace the one color that is depleted and not the entire set. This Canon printer i860 will work just as well with generic ink cartridge as it would with original Canon brand ink cartridges. However, we all know that original brand ink cartridges are very expensive and why waste money on brand names when the generic discount cartridges will do exactly the same thing for you.

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