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i- series i9100, i9900, i9950 generic ink cartridges

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This is a  wIde black + NARROW Black Compatible cartridge plus 3 colors available for the Canon Pixma .
(Pixma printers take BCI-3eBK NARROW or WIDE)

Review of the Canon i-series i9100, i9900, i9950 Printers

With the new technology today you no longer need a print lab to print the highest quality pictures. You can buy the Canon i9100 printer and you are good to go. No more hassle in buying other devices in order to get the highest quality pictures and instead you can directly print with the Canon i9100 printer for real good pictures without doing much. Within a few minutes you can already get the highest rated pictures that you have been waiting to print right in your own home or office. With 6 individual tanks of printer ink cartridges you are sure to get photos that are comparable to the ones processed by a professional photographer. Borderless pictures are now within your reach and you can even enlarge the image up to the dimension of 13” x 19” maximum and you will never feel any alterations on the quality. As long as your original photo has sufficient pixels and you are using a good quality printer ink cartridge set you should see a great product. With the print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi you will sure to have your money’s worth in buying a photo printer that will greatly benefit your business or your home projects. You do not even have to worry about the maintenance cost incurred by constant use of this printer and the ink. The Canon i9100 can work well with generic ink cartridges and as an added bonus you will save so much money on every set of ink cartridges.

You may not be a professional photographer yet but you can surely make the most of your time polishing your skills in photography with the help of several gadgets such as the best digital camera and a very high quality printer that can print high definition photos. You do not have to spend much to get a photo printer that you want. You just have to purchase the Canon i9900 printer which will truly meet your needs. This printer can be a professionally employed printer or it can also serve the needs of the home buddy who makes use of the printer to the fullest. You can still print high quality text documents plus a good service of printing high quality borderless photos of your choice. With the Canon i9900 you do not have to make use of the computer to print images. You can directly scan your digital camera and with the right software you can directly connect it to the printer for printing your most preferred picture. You can never go wrong with this printer and you can even save on the cost of printing since this printer can work well with generic refilled toner cartridges. The inexpensive printer ink cartridges will work very well in this Canon laser printer.

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