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This is a Canon Compatible NEW cartridge THIS IS THE WIDE Black cartridge + narrow black + colors
(you get wide and narrow Black)

Black BCI-3 Canon Compatible ink for Stylus BJC 3000,6000,6100,6200,6200s,6500,s400,s400x,s400sp,
s450,s500,s520,s520x,s5300d,s600,s630,s750,s4500, i550,i550x,i6100,i6500,i850,i860,i865
Multipass c100 Smartbase mp700,mpc400,mpc600f PIXMA ,ip3000,ip3300,ip4000,
ip4000r,ip4200,ip4300, ip5000,ip5200,ip5200r,ip5300,ix4000,ix5000,

Some problems when buying Generic Printer Ink

If you buy generic printer ink it might dry up on you faster. It is better to buy brand name printer ink because it will hold more ink and it will also last longer. It might be a little pricier, but in the long run it will give you better results. If these generic printer ink dries up then you might run into a problem where your nozzles of the printer could possibly burn out or even overheat. Brand name printer ink will not run out of ink faster and you won’t even encounter this problem. This will save you money in the long run and you will not find yourself not changing out the printer ink as much. You will also see that when you print out pages with generic printer ink quality of the print job will not meet your expectations.

Brand name printer ink will give you the results you are looking for. Magenta, cyan, yellow, and black are the colors that are used with cheaper or generic ink. With nicer printer ink the colors will be used properly depending on what you would like to print out. Sometimes people might print a sheet of paper out and it looks incredible and then the one after doesn’t look as good. This is a common problem that will occur when dealing with generic ink. It won’t go on the page correctly like you want it to. When your printer ink gets low, a warning on your computer screen will pop up. When this happens people have a tendency to change out their ink. Studies have found that there was still ink left in the printer even though these warnings were popping up on the computer. You will find yourself going to the store to replace your ink a lot more often then you thought you would.

Inkjet Cartridges are Recyclable and still High-Quality There are many sites online where they say they have the best inkjet cartridges. No cheap inkjet cartridge is the best. When it comes to purchasing printer inkjet cartridges, go online and look at forums or reviews on the specific inkjet you need to buy. An inkjet printer contains an inkjet cartridge, which holds the ink. Electronic contacts called a chip are put into the inkjet cartridge. The chips are there so that the printer can communicate with the inkjet cartridge.

The Internet is the best way to buy inkjet cartridges. Discounts are given if you buy in bulk. Most people are hesitant to trust compatible printer inkjet cartridges because they don’t know exactly what they are buying. You should make a small test purchase and if it works out well then you can always order more. Recycling cartridges are very important. It takes at least 1,000 years for a plastic inkjet cartridge to decompose. Some companies, such as Hewitt Packard, Office Depot and Staples, have come up with programs for recycling cartridges. Staples opened up a recycling program in 2008 for old inkjet cartridges.

If you decide to recycle with Staples, you will receive 3 dollars of store credit for each cartridge. When old printer inkjet cartridges get recycled, it saves 80 percent of the energy to make a new one. For an old one to be reused, it doesn’t have to be remanufactured. This program allows each customer to recycle up to 10 printer inkjet cartridges a month. Not all cartridges qualify to be recycled. Roughly 40 million pounds of cartridges are thrown away each year. The benefit for recycling the old ones is tremendous. The print quality between the new and old cartridges is basically the same. Recycling will ultimately save energy and will be very good for the environment. One gallon of oil is used in the production of making a cartridge.

Approximately 97 percent of all the materials used in making a cartridge are recycled or reused. When they are recycled, oil and waste is saved and are not dumped in our landfills. printer inkjet cartridges Refills May not be the best Option There are many sites online where you can refill your printer ink. Some sites will allow you to type in what kind of printer or cartridge you have so you know what type of ink you should refill it with. Having the option of printer ink refills makes it environmentally healthy. Every single time an ink cartridge runs out you can get some printer ink refills. Most people will purchase a new ink cartridge instead of refilling it. This does not save money. You will find yourself spending around $40 every couple months.

When you refill it you can cut that cost in half and get just as much ink if you were to purchase new ink. This can save you money for other products you need for your printer such as paper.There is a downside to refills. When the printer ink is refilled there is a chance of it leaking. For example, you are in big trouble when the ink cartridge leaks when you’re under warranty. Your warranty is now voided and a new one cannot be replaced. That is when the printer ink refills may cause a problem with your print head. The percentage of unsuccessful print attempts and ruined materials make up your print productivity. Sometimes it is best to print in draft mode so your printer isn’t at a high quality print. Generic printer ink cartridges are so inexpensive now days that it really makes no sense to refill an ink cartridge. Just order what you need online, and it will arrive at your door a few days later. When you need new ink you just pop them into the printer and that’s that.

No mess, no struggle and no resetting printer cartridge chips. Using your cheap in k cartridge correctly In cartridges can be very affordable when you shop online. When you shop online you can get a cheap ink cartridge at a very cheap price. An ink cartridge is recyclable and is very healthy to our environment when it is recycled. This makes cartridges very beneficial for everybody. You can save a lot more money on re-manufactured cartridges than simply buying new ink cartridge. Ink itself is very expensive for your printer and it is always a good idea to find great prices. Some sites online will offer discount coupons that you can use if you decide to make a purchase. Coupons can be found on sites like coupons.com or couponmom.com. It is very important to refill your cartridges because in the long run you will be able to save more money. Don’t go for the brand names, you can get a just as good quality cheap ink cartridge that is less expensive. Generic cartridges can work just as well as brand names.

A black ink cartridge can hold up to 17 ml of ink. When not used correctly, you will not be able to use all of it up. Most people spend more money on ink than any other item for their printer or their computer. When you are not using your printer you should turn it off. Heat from the printer will dry up the ink a lot faster, not allowing you to benefit from the whole cartridge. If your cartridge is not printing ink, then most likely it has dried up on you. Then it is time to get a new cheap ink cartridge from a reliable online supplier. You will be going to the store or shopping a lot more often then you should. A cartridge will allow you to print out hundreds if not thousands of printed pages. Only certain kinds of cartridges can be refilled, so it is important to read information regarding the type of ink cartridge that you have. When the warning message, that reads, “low ink” pops up at the bottom of your computer screen, you still have a lot more ink than you would imagine.

On that note, keep your cartridge in your printer even though it says your low on ink. You will end up spending a fortune on ink cartridges that will end up putting a damper on your day. After all, an HP or Lexmark ink cartridge can cost you about 30 dollars. You really do not want to waste even a little ink that is left in the ink tank. Remember that the low ink warning facility does not really know how much ink is in the ink tank. It simply is able to count the number of pages that you printed since you put the cartridge in as new and it will estimate how much ink you have used. The system is designed to make sure that the ink never really totally runs out because they want you to go buy a new cartridge sooner than you really need it. Very sneaky.

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