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s- series S600,S630, S750 generic printer ink cartridges

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Generic Toner works great

Be it OEM, generic, or re-manufactured, Toner cartridges typically have an average shelf life of about 2 years. Even if you do not use the whole cartridge of toner, manufacturers say you should toss the cartridge out after that time period. How in the world can printer toner spoil? To answer this question, we need to understand more clearly what printer toner is and how it "behaves" in certain circumstances. Toner is used to print things onto paper. Though they share a common purpose, toner cartridges operate on a different set of mechanisms than printer ink cartridges. Toner is a powder made up of plastic and carbon molecules. The reason Toner can only work in laser printers is that toner needs to be melted by a heating drum before it will adhere to the paper.

Though it seems simple, printer toner took decades to perfect. It is truly a modern marvel. Plastic was introduced to the carbon particles to allow for smaller particle size. With smaller particles, a toner can produce higher resolution. Why, then, would a printer toner cartridge have to be thrown out after only two years? Did you ever take note of how your toner is packaged when it arrives in the mail? The packaging is specially designed to resist moisture and light. The reason toner manufacturers do this is simple: ultraviolet light and excessive heat and moisture are enemies of toner , threatening to ruin it in its ink cartridges cheap before anyone gets a chance to use it. If the toner is exposed to too much moisture, it will become an unusable, soggy mess.

Too much ultraviolet light can remove toner's photosensitive properties. Excessive heat, too, can ruin a cartridge of printer toner. Toner is, as you can see, very sensitive to the environment. If you keep it in the perfect conditions, though, toner can probably last forever. If you bought a bunch of toner to get the bulk discount and keep them in an environmentally controlled room or container, disregard the "expiration date". The key is to keep them at 75 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity of 50%. When you take them out of storage, they will still give better results than printer ink. Even when used intermittently, toner produces high quality results. Unlike toner , printer ink needs to be used on a fairly regular basis in order to yield good results every time. When stored in the proper environment, the one and a half to two year shelf life does not apply. They can possibly last forever.

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