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Compatible Dell T0529 (Series 1) black printer ink cartridge Our compatible Dell 7Y743 (Series 2) black ink cartridge replaces the Dell 7Y743 (Series 2) inkjet cartridge. This inkjet cartridge is used by the Dell A940 and A960 inkjet printers. Our compatible Dell 7Y743 (Series 2) black ink cartridge comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. **PLEASE BE AWARE THAT DUE TO NEW PROGRAMING FEATURES THE INK LEVEL FOR THIS PARTICULAR CARTRIDGE MIGHT APPEAR EMPTY ON THE PRINTER**Ignore message and continue working.

Investigating the Inkjet Ink Cartridge 

Printer ink is a complex liquid. From surfactants to lubricants, the mix must be perfect in order to create high quality printer ink. Brand ink manufacturers, of course, have mastered the process. You know, without a doubt, that when you buy brand ink, you will get high quality. Unfortunately, you will also pay a high price. You do not have to. Generic ink manufacturers that are ISO-9001 certified are guaranteed to be equal in quality to brand inks such as Dell or Epson. The International Standards Organization set out manufacturing and quality control guidelines that, when followed, result in the highest quality ink. See the article in Wikipedia about the ISO.

The inkjet ink cartridges manufacturing process begins with the raw materials. Pigments or dyes are gathered first, followed by quality control chemicals such as surfactants, lubricants, and resins. Once the materials are assembled, they are mixed. The end product is tested several times and transported, to be filled into ink cartridges. The reason for charging the ink electrically Brand and generic manufacturers often create their own cartridges but, due to their very nature, re-manufactured ink companies do not.

The cartridges, too, are tested to ensure they operate in the various brands and models of printers. Brand manufacturers cite raw materials as a leading cause of the high price, yet generic companies sell the same product at half the cost. It should be noted that brand ink companies are not the only businesses enjoying wide profit margins as a result of brand ink cartridges. The department stores often make 100 percent profits on each cartridge of printer ink. They buy an ink cartridge from Dell for fifteen dollars and sell it to the public for thirty dollars. Granted, they have a lot of overhead expenses. Still, it is not fair. You should not have to pay a department store’s bills just to buy a cartridge of printer ink.

Thankfully, you can skip the department store altogether and do all of your shopping online. Buying online does more than save you time. It is convenient, you can often save a lot of money, and you can find a wider variety of products. The Internet, for those that are unaware, is a global network. While some may prefer to buy products from only American web sites, it is possible to order a rare product straight from China, Germany, Italy, or Israel. By going straight to the source, you can often enjoy deep discounts. Still, there is no reason to visit a Chinese web site to find high quality generic printer ink at a price you can afford. Just find an American online retailer that works for you and make a purchase.

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