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Dell 922 and 924 (Series5) M4646 cartridge - M4640Bk (Black)

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M4646 BLACK HIGH CAPACITY INK cartridge is 100% compatible with Dell Printers Dell922/924/942/944/946/962/964 EXTRA VOLUME Compatible ink Now at a great price.

Review of the Dell 922 and 924 (Series5) M4646 Printers

The Dell 922 is a multifunction inkjet printer that is designed to be efficient whilst affordable and is aimed for used in a small office or home office environment. Its main feature is its ability to work with images, and indeed the print quality of photo and color images is very good. In spite of this, there are some problems with the Dell 922. For one, it is very slow at printing compared to other printers in its range. It is also not compatible with Macs and generic ink cartridges, and it also doesn't come with a function to allow direct printing from a camera.
The Dell 924, thankfully, makes up for the failings of the Dell 922 and does have a function available to allow you to print photos direct from off your camera. It also offers quicker printing speeds than the Dell 922, with up to 20 pages per minute in black and 16 pages per minute in color. If the Dell 924 has a downside though, it's the fact that it has no built-in fax, which makes it less appealing to those looking for a multifunction printer that offers 4-in-1 copy, fax, print, and scan capabilities.
In spite of some of the issues that both these printer models have, there is a silver lining in the fact that both will function perfectly well on re-filled print cartridges. The M4646 generic tri-color cartridge offered by Peachtree ink can therefore be used in both the Dell 922 and the Dell 924 without problems, and one of the prime features of the M4646 is that it is suitable for high volume ink usage. If you choose to use a generic ink replacement cartridge, you will still get the same print quality as from a Dell cartridge, but you won't be paying as much for it.

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