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Dell DW905 (Series 20) and DW906 refilled ink cartridge

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Our compatible Dell DW905 black printer ink cartridge replaces the Dell Series 20 black inkjet cartridge. This inkjet cartridge is used by the Dell P703w printer. Our compatible Dell DW905 (Series 20) black ink cartridge comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Review of the Dell DW905 (Series 20) and DW906 Printers

Anyone that owns a printer, especially a Dell printer, knows how much it costs to replace a printer's ink when it has run out. The sheer cost of maintaining a printer's ink levels is staggering, and the mere thought of replacing ink cartridges strikes fear into the hearts of many. Further, it has never been more important to try and find a printer that is as efficient in printing as it is in conserving its ink usage. The re-filled cheap printer ink cartridges here at Peachtree INK will save you a lot as you can see how much cheaper they are than original brand inks. Each one is individually tested and if they do not perform well , we undertake to replace it free of charge.
Thankfully, the days of having to buy Dell-branded ink cartridges are over, as there are lower cost printer ink cartridges out there that are also compatible with Dell printers. This cartridge is a compatible replacement for the Dell DW905/Series 20 black inkjet cartridge and will work just as well as a Dell-branded replacement inkjet cartridge. The only difference is that it costs less, because the content of the inkjet cartridge is essentially the same, as it successfully replaces the dye-based ink cartridge of the Dell DW905 ink cartridge. This means that you do not have to compromise on quality when you purchase a generic ink cartridge compatible with the Dell DW905/Series 20, as no-one will be able to tell the difference between an original Dell replacement ink cartridge and a cheaper generic ink cartridge

Dell DW905 (Series 20) and DW906 Printer Review
The Dell P703w all-in-one inkjet printer is different from previous Dell printer models in the way that this is the first printer that is based on Kodak designs instead of Lexmark designs. The Dell P703w has printing, copying, and scanning facilities and offers Wi-Fi support. This printer is designed for use in the home, and considering the print speeds this printer offers, it's safe to say that it would be unsuitable for use in an office environment. Although Dell advertises the printing speeds of the Dell P703w at a rate of 31 pages per minute for text prints and 26 pages per minute for color prints, in reality the print speeds were much slower when tested in a laboratory. The fact that there is no built-in fax available in this inkjet printer is also another slight disadvantage that makes the printer unsuitable for office use.
One of the main benefits that the Dell DW703w offers its users is the fact that it will also work smoothly with generic black and color ink replacement cartridges. These generic branded ink cartidges are cheaper and more affordable for the average household. The Dell compatible DW905 and DW906 cartridges offered by Peachtree Ink can replace the Dell Series 20 black and color inkjet cartridges respectively that are used in the Dell P703w. This means that you can save money on ink cartridge replacement costs, as with this printer you need not buy expensive Dell-branded refills. The cheaper, generic ink refills available will work just as well.

 Where do I find printer ink cartridges for Dell DW905 and DW 906 ? Peachtree Ink: where you find  cheapest ink cartridges for DW905 and DW906.

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