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Dell MK990 & MK991 (Series 9) standard generic ink cartridge

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Compatible Dell MK990 (Series 9) Standard Capacity Black
compatible Dell MK990 standard capacity black ink cartridge replaces the Dell Series 9 standard capacity inkjet ink cartridges. This cartridge is used by the Dell 926 and Dell V305 inkjet printer. Our compatible Dell MK990 (Series 9) standard capacity black ink cartridge comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. **PLEASE BE AWARE THAT DUE TO PRINTER PROGRAMING THE INK LEVEL FOR THIS PARTICULAR CARTRIDGE MIGHT DISPLAY EMPTY ON THE PRINTER HOWEVER THE CARTRIDGE IS FULL**

Review Of The Dell MK990 & MK991 (Series 9) Printers

The Dell MK990 and the Dell MK991 are inkjet printers that offer multifunction capabilities, which include print, copy, and scan features. Both are intended for use in a home or small office environments where printing requirements are not too high. The Dell MK990 series offers printing speeds of up to 20ppm in monochrome and 15ppm in color. The Dell MK991 prints slightly quicker at 22ppm in black and white and 16ppm in color. Ultimately, these print speeds do not make either inkjet stand out from other printers in a similar price range, and neither does the print quality of text and color documents of these inkjets.
In spite of this, the advantage offered by the Dell MK990 and the Dell MK991 is the fact that that both printers will operate on generic refilled ink cartridges without a problem. The Dell compatible standard capacity MK990 black and MK991 tri-color inexpensive ink cartridges offered by Peachtree Ink will, for example, work in both of these inkjet printers. The advantage of generic ink replacement cartridges is that they do not cost as much as Dell's own brand name original replacement ink cartridges, and so with these low cost generic copier ink you can save money on ink cartridge replacement costs.

  Where do I find printer ink cartridges for Dell MK990 and Dell MK991? Peachtree Ink: where you find cheapest ink cartridges for Dell MK990 and Dell MK991.

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