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Dell V313, V515, V715, P513, and P713 (GRMC3)

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Compatible Dell GRMC3 black ink cartridge replaces the Dell Series 21 black inkjet cartridge. This inkjet cartridge is used by the Dell V313, V515, V715, P513, and P713 inkjet printer. Our compatible Dell GRMC3(Series 21) black printer ink cartridge comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Review of the Dell V313, V515, V715, P513, and P713 Printers
by Conrad

At first, it is hard to believe that there are printers that does not support wired network. However, this is actually the case with the Dell  V313 printer. It is a printer above the $100 price range which can be converted from a home printer to a home-office as well as micro-office use. The wireless networking feature adapts well to various applications. On the contrary, the 100-sheet input tray might not be enough for the printing requirement of a small company. Even with its light duty capabilities, the V313 would need printer ink cheap to enhance its reputation as a personal printer.

With a limited capacity input tray and no provision for optional tray, Dell managed to shrink the unit with dimensions of 10.6” x 17.0’ x 14.4” which classify it as a compact printer. This printer has features that lean more on office printing like scanning and faxing to a PC, automatic document feeder, and two-sided printing. There is a USB interface that allows printing and scanning from USB memory key. Even if all of these functions are geared towards commercial printing, they are also handy printing features for the home. It is also more appropriate to consider generic ink when the unit is installed inside the house.

Home users can enjoy connecting the printer to a digital camera through the PictBridge port feature. Nonetheless, photo prints are not really eye-popping. The output that will get a thumb’s up is in graphics and text. Aside from being satisfactory for office use, they can be considered pleasing print results from a personal printer. In many of the tasks being done in the printer, having generic ink installed is always an appropriate option. Being a standalone fax and copying equipment, saving a few dollars from printing go a long way.

The Dell  V313 can be a reliable personal printer but not for a photographer. It has numerous features for a stepped up home printer but more optimized for office use. The price of this model is enticing enough but there are more affordable printers in the market that has all the makings of an ideal home printer.

On the contrary, the V313 can really compete in the levels of output quality, speed, and size. This is not to mention the other features which are at par with dual role printers. The bottom line in every selection process is durability, affordability, and efficiency.

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