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DELL TONER - 3000cn, 3100cn (310-5726) Generic

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Our compatible Dell 310-5726 (3105726) Black toner cartridge replaces the Dell 310-5726 (3105726) toner cartridges. These cheap toner cartridges are used in the Dell 3100cn, 3000cn laser printers. Our compatible Dell 310-5726 (3105726) Black toner cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yield: 4000 pages

Review Of The DELL TONER- BLACK - 3000cn, 3100cn Printers

Both the Dell 3000cn and Dell 3100cn offer fast and efficient printing results in both black and white and color, and are ideal for use in an office environment. Although they may not win any awards in the looks department, as their mammoth, clunky design make them something of a huge eyesore, both are very capable machines when it comes to printing. Both come with features such as a print quality of 600x600 dpi and will print up to 25 pages per minute in black and white and 5 pages per minute in color. With a generous 45,000 page monthly duty cycle and networking capabilities also on offer, you can't really go wrong with either of these printers. When it comes down to spec, the 3100cn wins out slightly over the Dell 3000cn, as it is compatible with more operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and Novell NetWare as opposed to just Windows) and also has a much larger paper input tray, allowing up to 400 pages as opposed to just 150.
Both the Dell 3000cn and 3100cn come with an in-built toner management system, which will monitor your printer's ink usage and inform you when replacement ink and toner cartridges need buying. Before running out and buying the most expensive Dell-branded toner you can find though, bear in mind that both these printers will work perfectly well with generic ink toner, and if you use re-filled toner cartridges then you will undoubtedly reduce the amount you spend on printer maintenance. The brand of toner cartridges sold by Peachtree INK is of the top quality type because we just do not have the time and will to deal with complaints. We sell only products that bring in the minimal amount of complaints, the less the better. So feel free to order your toner cartridges right here at Peachtree INK knowing that you are in good company.
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