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Artisan 50 generic ink cartridges

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BRAND NEW T0781 Black 15ml printer ink in the famous PEACHTREE brand.
Brand New with a new chip. Works perfectly in your Epson Printer.
Suitable for: Stylus Photo R260 and R280, R380, RX580,RX595 RX680
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Review of the Artisan 50 Printers

You can never go wrong with the Epson Artisan 50 in printing your high quality images into CDs and DVDs. With superb printing of Hi-Definition Photos you can never go wrong in purchasing one for printing you several photographic works of art. Creating greeting cards for personal and commercial purposes will surely be satisfied with the use of the Epson Artisan 50 printer which can print of up to 50 pages per minute with laser quality speed of up to 5 pages per minute printing experience. This printer can be ideal for your own personal use in printing several photos and other projects that require high definition colored printing. 
It is essential for a customer to have quality printed photos at the most affordable price. You can be assured that the printer can be bought at a reasonable price and you no longer have to worry about ink replacements for the printer as long as you are a customer of Peachtree INK. You can be assured that this printer works perfectly well with generic ink cartridges and you can purchase your requirements one online for fast door to door delivery. You can enjoy continued colored printing without worrying about purchasing ink refills someplace else making the Epson Artisan 50 a good cost effective staple.

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