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Epson T032 series (T0321/322/323/324 ) generic ink cartridges

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Our GENERIC T0321-20 black ink cartridge replaces the Epson* T032120 inkjet ink cartridges.
This inkjet cartridge is used by the Epson* Stylus C70, C80, C82, CX5200, and CX5400 inkjet printers.

The T0321 black, T0322 cyan, T0323 magenta, T0324 yellow
Buying Epson Individual Cartridges in Packages

The Epson inkjet photo printers are one of the most marketable equipment in the market. Having the capability to print images with photo lab quality becomes increasingly popular among different levels of consumers. One of the essential components in printing clear and colorful photographs is the ink cartridges. The T0321 black, T0322 cyan, T0323 magenta, and T0324 yellow are the color variations that go into every Stylus Photo printers. The advantage of this type of ink system is that not all the cartridges have to be replaced if one color is already out. Moreover, an individual cartridge system lasts longer than a multicolor single cartridge.

These cheap printer cartridges are available for purchase individually or in package of three or four depending on the dealer. There are also twin pack offerings which definitely cost lower than purchasing a single cartridge. The other cartridge can be kept for storage but owners must follow the instructions for proper storage. To ensure that reserve cartridges are not wasted, they must be kept in cool and dry places. These items can be harshly affected by high temperatures and moist conditions. There are savings in buying in bulk provided that spare ink cartridges discounted are kept in a safe and ideal storage.

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