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Epson T038 and T039 generic ink cartridges

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This is an Epson Stylus compatible NEW cartridge (not remanufactured)
Black T038 Epson compatble ink for Stylus C41,C43,C45,CX1500,CX1500v

T038 and T039 ink cartridges
The Ideal Ink Cartridges for Home Printers

There are ink types that react badly when heated but these are the types of ink that Epson printers work on. Epson utilizes piezoelectric crystal instead of heating element associated with thermal inkjet schemes. This is the exact technology being employed in the manufacturing of the T038 black inkjet ink cartridges. In addition, the T039 three color cartridge is also made out of the same technology. The estimated yield for the former is 230 pages and the Peachtree Ink brand cartridges come with more than 6 months of product guarantee. To enable fast delivery, the ink cartridges are usually shipped to customers in near and faraway locations anywhere in the USA.

For the sake of compactness, the T039 three color cartridge was designed to contain three colors in one cartridge. This is a space saving design as well as for easy setup and installation. With its favorable convenience, one drawback of this cartridge design is that the whole cartridge has to be discarded if one color already dried up. On the other hand, this type of cartridge is more economical compared to individual color cartridges. This setup is perfect for printers intended for home  and small office use. Individual cheap ink cartridge is perfect for heavy duty printing applications.    

 Where do I find printer ink cartridges for Epson T038 and Epson T039? Peachtree ink: where you can find the cheapest ink cartridges for Epson T038 and T039.

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