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Epson T044 series (T0441/2/3/4) generic ink

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This a Black T0441 compatible NEW cartridge-(Not a re-manufacture)
Brand new from the Peachtree INK factory-same quantity and quality as EOM T044120 and T0441
Works perfectly in the Epson CX4600 printer.
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T0441 black, T0442 cyan, T0443 magenta, T0444 yellow

One Color Per Cartridge for T0441 black, T0442 cyan, T0443 magenta, T0444 yellow
The black ink cartridge is a standard consumable in every printer. In color printers, the black ink cartridge is combined with a cartridge or cartridges with multiple colors. The three basic colors in use are cyan, magenta, and yellow. These batches of printer ink complete the ink system for some Epson printers and they include the T0441 black, T0442 cyan, T0443 magenta, and T0444 yellow. This is an example of an ink system wherein the different colors each have a dedicated cartridge. There are other versions wherein the colors cyan, magenta, and yellow are integrated in one cartridge However this T044 series ink comes sepatrated so that you can change out individual ink cartridges whenever that are depleted and then no need to change out all thye colors.This 4-cartridge set from Peachtree INK is perfectly compatible with Epson Stylus models like the CX4600, C84, and CX6600.

Peachtree Ink brand Inkjet technology is utilized for these discount ink cartridges and they can be bought in full set or individually packed cartridges. One benefit of having a printer that uses multiple cartridges is that each cartridge is being used to fullest. In a three color cartridge, the user needs to replace one cartridge with multiple colors even if only one color has emptied out. Individual cartridges might have higher initial cost but they are economical in the long run. Those who will prefer the T0441 black, T0442 cyan, T0443 magenta, and T0444 yellow must also scrutinize the printers that are compatible with them.     

 Where do I find printer ink cartridges for Epson T0441 Epson T0442 Epson T04443 Epson T0444 Peachtree Ink:
where you find the cheapest ink cartridges for Epson T0441 black and T0442, T0443, and T0444 colored.

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