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Epson T054 series (T0540 + T0541,2,3,4 + T0547,8,9) generic ink

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This series T054 inks have a total of 8 cartridges
This includes the PHOTO BLACK which is one of two blacks in this series of cartridges for Epson printers.
T0540 series of ink for Epson printers R800 and R1800.

Epson Ink Cartridge Different Color Schemes

Epson has numerous ink cartridge configuration for its line of printers. There are single color cartridge, three color ones, and those that come in full sets. Some of these ink cartridges are the T0544, 0545, 0546, 0547, 0548, and T0549. The colors that go into these sets of printers are yellow, red, cyan, magenta, matte black, light cyan and light magenta. Many say the type that are individually replaceable are better than the single color set cartridges. You can only replace the one color when it gets depleted rather than throw the color cartridge away when just one color goes out.Others say it a lot of trouble to keep changing out individual cartridges. There are plenty of advantages when there are plenty of ink cartridge schemes to choose from.The one thin we all need to watch is the cost of the cartridges. Buying original brand will always cost you a lot. Generic cartridges are the way to go if you are cost concsious.

Flexibility is also the important feature of any ink cartridge. This is a quality that can be found in each Epson ink cartridge. With single and multiple cartridge combinations, users have options depending on the type of printer. Most of these cartridges have capacity that can reach hundreds of pages of quality prints. In addition, these consumables have a reputation of delivering water-resistant and smudge-free photo and text prints. Two Epson models that utilize these sets of ink are the R800 and R1800. With more color line-up, photo prints become more vibrant and detailed. For these two printers, the exact color schemes are cyan, magenta, red, blue, photo black, matte black, and gloss optimizer. The generic cheap inks supplied by Peachtree INK works just fine in these printers and all the others that utilize the T054 series of inkjet cartridges.

Where do I find printer ink cartridges for Epson R800 and Epson R1800
Peachtree Ink:
where you find the cheapest Epson T0540 ink cartridges for the Epson R800 and R1800.
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