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Epson T068 series ( T0681/2/3/4 ) 4 pack generic ink

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You will receive the following compatible Epson 68 ink cartridges:

1X T0681
1X T0682
1X T0683
1X T0684      

These ink cartridges are for use with the following printer models:

Stylus CX5000, Stylus CX6000, Stylus CX7000F, Stylus CX7400, Stylus CX7450, Stylus CX8400

Stylus CX9400F, Stylus CX9475F, Stylus NX100, Stylus NX105, Stylus NX110 Series

Stylus NX115, Stylus NX200, Stylus NX215, Stylus NX300, Stylus NX305, Stylus NX400

Stylus NX410, Stylus NX415, Stylus NX510, Stylus NX515, Stylus C120, Stylus N11


WorkForce 30, WorkForce 40, WorkForce 310, WorkForce 315, WorkForce 500,


WorkForce 600, WorkForce 610, WorkForce 615, WorkForce 1100

THIS IS THE HIGH VOLUME ( 18.2ml) T068 SERIES BRAND NEW T0681 black is perfectly suitable for these printers:
EPSON CX5000, CX6000, CX8400, C120 and
Workforce 30/40/500/600/615 (COMPLETE WITH NEW FITTED CHIP)
Higher volume ink than T069 (14.5ml) .  Shipping $4.95 or FREE SHIPPING on orders $50 and more. 
Color T068 series ink volume 17ml

 Where do I find printer ink cartridges for Epson C120, Epson CX5000, Epson CX6000, or Epson CX8400? Peachtree Ink: where you find the cheapest T0681, T0682, T0683 and T0684 ink cartridges.
Additional Colors