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Epson T098 series (T0981 /2/3/4/5/6) generic compatible ink

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T0981 compatible ink- When you order here you will get the high capacity printer ink cartridge
with 18.2 ml ink For Epson Artisan 700,710,725,730,800 835 & 810
The lower cost T099 colors also work fine in these printers and only cost $2.00 each


The T098 series ink is one of the most popular lines of printer ink for Epson Printers. They are used in these printers Epson Artisan 700,710,725,730,800 835 & 810. The Epson printers continue to be widely popular with the home printer consumer. This particular printer uses six printer cartridges being the black, cyan, magenta yellow light magenta and light cyan. The fact that it needs 6 individual cartridges makes the cost of buying a set of T098 series replacement printer inks pretty expensive considering that each cartridge costs over $10 in the Epson Brand. The good thing is that consumers can find generic replacement T098 series ink cartridges at less than half the brand name price especially when they shop at www.peachtreeink.com.

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