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Stylus Color 1160 generic ink cartridges

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This is a Epson compatible NEW cartridge (not a re-manufacture) black T013 compatible cartridge. ALL ORDERS SHIP OUT NEXT DAY BY 2-3 DAY PRIORITY THESE EPSON INK CARTRIDGES ARE SUITABLE FOR PRINTERS AROUND THE WORLD IN EVERY COUNTRY.

Review of the Stylus color 1160 Printers

Printers that can print on large media sizes such as 14” x 33” are considered to be top of the line and consist of special parts and accessories. There can be some truth behind it but the Epson Stylus Color 1160 inkjet printer is not special although it is capable of printing on larger formats. The technology behind the ultra small 4 picoliter ink droplets and the 1440 x 720 dpi are some of the features that set it apart from the rest. In addition, it employs high-capacity ink cartridges such as the T051 black ink cartridge and T52 three-color ink cartridge from Peachtree INK. These cartridges cost less than the Epson Branded cartridges and do the same job. Just remember the generic ink lasts 20 years and the original Epson in is said to last 100 years.  The Epson 100 year theory has obviously not been tested as 100 years has not yet passed since its creation. 
Together with the Stylus Color 1160, the Stylus Color 1520 also utilizes the 4-color  drop-on-demand Micro Piezo inkjet technology. It works on various software drivers such as Mackintosh system 7.x, Windows 98, Windows 95, and AutoCad for Dos. Using the same set of cartridges, it can produce a maximum of 900 pages for the black ink cartridge and 300 pages for the color cartridge. This model’s variation is the Stylus Color 1520k which has an automatic ink level detection feature. Its print direction is bidirectional with logic seeking in modes for graphics and text. It incorporates the same print resolution for vibrant and clear photo printing results.

With the excellent reviews for the Stylus 800 series, Epson decided to take the technologies behind it to the next level. The ultimate test is to apply the efficiency to large format like the A3+ size. The PerfectPicture Imaging System is still in place with AcuPhoto Halftoning as part of it. Smooth tones and gradations are associated with this software. Employing the Variable Sized Droplet technology, the quality of prints is further improved. The same two-cartridge ink system is utilized with a maximum print capacity of 900 pages for black and 300 pages for color. For more affordable consumables, generic cheapest ink from Peachtreeink.com can be used.  
For a model that works with large format such as A3+, A3, and A4, special media types are in use such as photo quality inkjet card, photo quality inkjet paper, photo quality glossy paper, and transparencies. The unit is designed for non-stop printing with its 75,000 pages print volume. If all these features look familiar, the Stylus Color 1160’s print speed is phenomenal. It sprints at 9.5 pages per minute for black and 9.2 pages per minute for color. Even with this blazing speed, the printer only consumes 14 watts of power during operation. At 6.5 kg, it is also not very heavy for a large format printer.

Peachtree Ink stocksexcellent generic inkjet cartridges to such a high standard that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee with their products.  If you are not completely happy with the performance of their printer ink cartridge in your printer, your money will be returned to you.  The Epson Stylus 1160 color printer is a small desktop model aimed at business and professional graphics users.  Print resolution is up to 1440 x 720 dpi on plain paper, which enables brightly-colored graphics and charts to be added to prints sized up to A3+ (329mm x 483mm) on paper, photo paper, card or envelopes. The Epson PicturePerfect Imaging System offers the latest technology – micropietzo hardware which enables high resolution, AcuPhoto Halftoning software which gives life-like color reproduction and a range of specialty media.  Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) enhances print quality and enables a great range of color gradations and shading whilst maintaining printing speed.  VSDT determines which size ultramicrodots (measured in picolitres) are to be produced to enable the best possible color, with the best detail, color and texture. The 1160 incorporates 166 print nozzles for black ink printing and 48 nozzles for each of the three colors.  Printing is done in two directions to ensure color depth. This is a rare and exceptional printer and if you use the generic cheap printer ink cartridges alternative available here you will drop the running cost of this baby by a huge amount.
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