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Stylus Color 600, 640, 660, 670 generic ink cartridges

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This is a Epson compatible NEW cartridge (not a re-manufacture) black T013 compatible cartridge. ALL ORDERS SHIP OUT NEXT DAY BY 2-3 DAY PRIORITY THESE EPSON INK CARTRIDGES ARE SUITABLE FOR PRINTERS AROUND THE WORLD IN EVERY COUNTRY.

Review of the Stylus Color 600, 640, 660, 670 Printers

As much as possible, busy professionals want their activities to be on auto-pilot so to speak to be able to accommodate other essential tasks. This kind of thinking produced most of the cutting edge gadgets and equipment on the market. One of them is the Epson Stylus 600 which has a printer driver that sets the important functions into auto selection mode. The software chooses the best settings for graphics, images, and text. Together with these auto-mode feature is the AcuPhoto Halftoning technology which is also a software providing an automatic image color enhancement. It is a color printer with a 1440 x 720 dpi maximum resolution. The Stylus 600 is compatible with the T050 black ink and T52 three-color printer ink cartridge
Another personal color inkjet printer in the same class is the Epson Stylus 640 having the same resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi. The unit works with a number of media like glossy photo papers, iron-on transfers, greeting cards, transparencies, and photo stickers. For those who are looking for more advanced photo printing feature that equals desktop publishing at home, they could settle for the Epson Stylus 640 which incorporates a couple of enhancements like the PerfectPicture Imaging System and PhotoEnhance 4 technology. These sets of features including Poster Layout and Fit-to-Page Printing are also found in the Epson Stylus 670.  All these printers in the Epson 600 range work very well using the generic cartridges obtainable from the Peachtree INK website and will save you a considerable amount. 

Peachtree Ink keeps generic cheap inkjet cartridges of a very high standard, so they are confident in offering a 100% money-back guarantee with their products.  If you are not completely happy with the performance of their aftermarket compatible branded cartridge in your printer, your money will be refunded.  These generic discount ink cartridges are known to work in the Epson printers with no problems. Let us look at one model that is very interesting.The Epson Stylus Color 640 printer is aimed at the home user, and is suitable for school projects, personal documents or printing images from the Internet. It offers high quality photo images at an image resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi (720 dpi x 720 dpi on plain paper).

Epson PerfectPicture Imaging and PhotoEnhance systems work together to ensure the best possible quality print - with PhotoEnhance the printer driver is able to analyse the print and automatically make adjustments to color, brightness and contrasts without changing the original file. Color is delivered via 64 nozzles for black ink and 32 nozzles for each of the three colors, spraying in two directions to maintain print speed and depth of color. A useful feature is the ‘Print Layout’ function, which makes proof reading easy by reducing several pages and printing them on one sheet.  The ‘Fit to Page’ function automatically adjusts to print reduced or enlarged documents without having to be manually set. This printer works only with Windows 95 and 98 operating systems so it is a bit older model. However if you have one that is still working and want to save on its running costs look no further than Peachtree INK.
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