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Stylus Photo 2000P generic ink

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Review of the Stylus Photo 2000P Printers

The Stylus Photo 2000P by Epson is a revolutionary ink jet printer which uses truly ingenious ink technology that redefines the color photographic print. Now many artists and photographers are capable of producing high quality color photographic prints that last more than a lifetime. This printer uses the award winning Micro Piezo™ ink jet technology, as well as the Micro Crystal Encapsulation™ technology which bridges the gap between pigment ink longevity and silver halide color quality. 
The Stylus Photo 2000P is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers, being flexible to work with any platform and it has built-in USB and parallel connections. It reaches a maximum resolution of 1440 x 720 dots per inch when printing in black and when printing in color too. One of its key features is the ultra-small variable micro droplets of ink. It has an intuitive use of droplet sizes that achieves fine shadow detail, dazzling highlights, and better fills in solid areas across a wide gamut of colors. The best thing of all is that it has no problem working with the non original brand cheap ink cartridge from Peachtree Ink. These come at a much lower cost but still perform at the same quality as the original brand Epson ink cartridges.
This printer is highly recommended for photographers and artists wanting to produce high quality pictures and with it’s incredible affordability and the ease of a desktop printer not only does the Stylus Photo 2000P redefine the digital print, it also redefines traditional color photography.  Just keep in mind that generic printer ink does not last quite as long as original printer ink. The generic alternative inks are said to last about 20 years if kept out of direct sunlight. It is doubtful if anything can last in direct sunlight, even original brand ink photos.

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