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Stylus Photo 700, 710, 720, 750 generic ink

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This is a Epson compatible NEW cartridge (not a re-manufacture) black T013 compatible cartridge. ALL ORDERS SHIP OUT NEXT DAY BY 2-3 DAY PRIORITY THESE EPSON INK CARTRIDGES ARE SUITABLE FOR PRINTERS AROUND THE WORLD IN EVERY COUNTRY.

Review of the Stylus Photo 700, 710, 720, 750 Printers

Epson’s panoramic photo paper measures 210 x 594 mm and works well with the Epson Stylus Photo 700 printer. This is a unique printer with Photo Reproduction Quality technology. The Stylus Photo 700 is designed for home but its photo printing features surpass the capability of other home printers. With its 1440 dpi resolution, it is at par with the leading Epson photo printers. A variation of the Photo 700 is the Photo 710 which have the same basic foundations. It is capable of delivering an A4 size color print in within 68.9 seconds. Its 32 x 6 nozzles accommodates T050 and T52 ink cartridges. This printer works vey well with the generic ink provided by Peachtree INK at a considerable saving. The printer also operates on a 6-color ink system adding light cyan and light magenta to the existing 4 colors of black, magenta, cyan, and yellow.     
The same specifications also exist in the Epson Stylus Photo 720 which is designed for home and office use. The distinct characteristic of this model is the variable-sized droplet technology wherein the ink is regulated to dot size to attain precision printing for the image’s entire area. Low-resolution photos can be reproduced with vibrant colors through the PhotoEnhance 4 image enhancement. The 4th model in the group that also utilizes the Micro Piezo Ink technology is the Epson Stylus 750. Its connectivity includes a USB interface and parallel port.  This printer also will accept aftermarket cheap printer cartridges an produce perfect photos that will last at least 20 years. 

For users who are impressed with the features of the Epson Stylus Photo printers, there is a model that would match all their expectations with an affordable price tag. The Epson Stylus Photo 720 does not have the print speed of its more costly brothers but the latest sets of innovation are present. It also utilizes the same sets of ink cartridges which can be replaced with generic ones from Peachtreeink.com online store. It works well with a few selected media types such as plain paper, Epson matte paper heavyweight, Epson photo quality inkjet card, and Epson photo paper. Home and small office users would be speechless with the image quality brought by the 7 picolitre ultra micro dots. This Epson Stylus Photo 720 printer uses S020193 ink cartridge and also the color T013 consolodated ink cartridge replacements. This printer works exceptionally well with the cheaper generic type printer ink cartridges available at Peachtree INK. The automatic adjustment for all digital photo files is also present with the PhotoEnhance 4 image adjustment. Five Tone settings are provided such as Vivid, Sepia, Hard, Monochrome, and Normal. It is balanced by the Five Effect settings such as Canvas, Sharpness, Soft Focus, Sharpness, and None. Moreover, the AcuPhoto Halftoning ensures smooth gradations in the printed photos. The USB interface enables versatility and ease in connecting to various devices. A kind of monitoring system for the consumables is in place with the paper and ink level indicator. 

The print resolution associated with photo printing is 1440 x 720 dpi which is the same specification as the Epson Stylus Photo 750. The enhancements packed within this photo printer starts with the print speed of one minute for every 4’ x 6” photo print. In just 2 minutes, it can print an 8” x 10” photo which just the equivalent of printing a 4” x 6” size for other photo printers. Aside from the print speed, connectivity is one of strong points of the Stylus Photo 750. It has a USB, bi-directional parallel port, and 8-pin mini-din serial interface. This means that a host of sophisticated devices can connect to this unit. For this cutting edge quality, only two ink cartridges are required. One perfect combination is the T050 black cartridge and T050 tri-color cartridge. Another option for the color ink cartridge is the 5-color one. These original ink cartridges can be replaced with generic printer ink consumables from Peachtreeink.com online site at a much lower cost than normally possible.Here you will get the cheapest ink cartridges online. A maximum of 100 sheets are the total paper capacity the printer can handle. However, it accommodates about a dozen media types like transparencies, banner paper, photo quality inkjet cards, and photo paper. With dimensions of 17.1” x 11.5” x 6.6” and weight of 11.66 lbs, it is not too compact but it is light. Its basic features are ideal for a reliable photo printer.

The Epson Stylus Photo 700 is a great ink jet printer for your home, and office too which provides you with great photo reproduction quality. It has a high printing resolution which reaches 1440 x 720 dots per inch, and it is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh computers.  It has a really fast color printing speed, and it offers six-color printing for photo reproduction on plain papers. I have used the Stylus Photo 700 for a long time, and it has never failed me so far. It prints with a really high quality, and it works stunningly well with the cartridges from Peachtree Ink. The printer uses advanced ink jet technology for incredible image quality and small, super clean dots.

The following versions after the Epson Stylus Photo 700 also come with a great high quality printing resolution and fast color printing speeds. They also use the same great technologies like the Micro Piezo™ ink jet technology which gives out sharp, clean dots. They are also compatible with both Microsoft and Macintosh computers, and are working great with the ink cartridges discounted from Peachtree Ink. These printers are a great product, which don’t require too much maintenance, and won’t cost you too much, if you use them properly of course.

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