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Stylus Photo 915 generic ink

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Review of the Epson Stylus Photo 915 Printer
By Christine

When it comes to printing large sized sheets like the A3+, then many printers cannot support that easily. But since they are very ideal when you need to print large images or graphical documents for posters or even advertisement, then Epson Stylus Photo 915 won’t let you down whenever you need it. Many users have a mindset that for you to print an A3+ document, you will need to have a very huge and expensive printer that will manage to do the job. But all that is not true with Epson Stylus Photo 915 printer, which is very small and stylish in design made to print on the A3+ sheets. The printer is very much cost effective since instead of paying for an online printing service at £6 per page, it would cost you much more than just having this printer to solve all your problems.

Epson Stylus Photo 915 printer can be bought at a price of £350 which is clearly a serious amount that shows a serious investment. But the printer is also capable of handling a lot of work. It is very easy to set up and install since you only need to follow the general rules and instructions given. Although you may need a large desk since it’s larger compared to other printers. Epson Stylus Photo 915 produces quality photos in that, the clarity of details can be seen when the picture is analyzed from a close range. When the ink depletes in the ink tanks, you need to replace it with quality ink in order to continue printing quality photos. Generic ink is a quality cheap ink that would be the best replacement ink for this printer.

The printer is not fitted with a paper cassette but instead, the sheets are fixed to a fold out paper tray that has the capacity to hold 120 sheets of paper. If you are using the fine art paper, the printer will also provide another separate paper feeder, together with an ability to print on paper rolls. On top of that it also has a CD printing slot which very amazing. When using the fine art paper, you will need quality fine printouts. For that to happen, printing ink will play a very important role in ensuring that the quality is high. Quality inks like the generic cheapest ink cartridges will definitely work well with Epson Stylus Photo 915 printer.

When refilling the printer ink tanks, each tank may cost you £11 in replacement. But if you decide to use the generic ink from Peachtree INK which is proven to be of high quality, you can save nearly half of that price. Moreover the ink is said to be very advantageous in the maintaining process of your printer.

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