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Stylus Photo R200 & R220 generic ink

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Review of the Stylus Photo R200 & R220 Printers

Even if digital files are more convenient to store, there are still instances wherein CDs and DVDs are handy. For this reason, they must  be properly labeled. With the Epson Stylus Photo R200, printing on inkjet printable DVDs and CDs is just like a walk in the park. Nonetheless, the capability of the R200 is not confined with this media alone. Having a 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi means that this printer id designed to produce stunning photographs. This unit with BorderFree printing feature has 6-color ink cartridges utilizing the T0481 black and T0482 to T0486 color ink cartridges. The color selections are yellow, cyan, light cyan, magenta, and light magenta. This 6 set ink cartridge is available from Peachtree INK in a generic cheap epson ink brand and amazingly they work perfectly well in this Epson R200 printer.
Users would be convinced that R200 is designed for photo printing because of the premium software that comes with it. This bundle of software makes every photo printing task easier and professionally executed. Anyone can give life and artistry to precious photographs with creatively designed projects using the Film Factory software. There are now devices which have Print Image Matching and Exif Print technology wherein the R200 is adaptable. A maximum of 20 sheets of photo paper can be handled by the unit with additional 120 sheets for plain paper. There are high quality generic ink cartridges from Peachtreeink.com that work perfectly with this Epson Stylus Photo R200 printer.

The silver and dark gray color of the Epson Stylus Photo R220 provides a kind of sophistication that can be utilized both for home and office use. Part of the cost-saving feature of this Photo printer is the ink system that utilizes 6 individual ink cartridges. With color combinations of black, cyan, light cyan, yellow, magenta, and light magenta, photo prints come out with vibrant colors. In 57 seconds, 4” x 6” photos can be printed while 15 pages of color and mono prints can be printed in a minute. For step up printing tasks, it would be ideal to look for generic cheap printer ink cartridges from Peachteeink.com online shop. Unlike some photo printers that only supports limited media types, the Photo R220 demonstrates versatility in paper handling. It accommodates various media types like a number of photo papers, Colorlife paper, Matte Paper heavyweight, inkjet transparencies, and self-adhesive sheets. During mobile printing situations, the front and rear USB ports become handy when laptops have to be connected from different locations. Aside from the usual documents being printed daily, photo printing becomes more like a common task with the Epson Color Management technology. Part of this innovation are the Epson Photo Enhance and Epson Vivid Color. The standard setting option can be utilized for images intended as reference materials only. These options help in saving on ink cartridges. 

Achieve supreme quality in photos and expand your creativity to new wide horizons with this excellent printer the Epson Stylus Photo R200. This printer has proven to be an excellent addition to your office or home and is a provider of amazing looking photos for anyone’s photo collections. There are so many exciting features that make this printer one of a kind. With the innovative Micro Piezo ink jet technology and the fine 3-picoliter ink droplet size it makes stunning photo prints, great for your photo collection, which can last a lifetime. The cartridges from Peachtree Ink work perfectly well with this printer, so that is a big plus for the Stylus Photo R200 as well. That is because the cost of ink goes down dramatically when you use generic printer ink and here at Peachtree INK you will find the cheapest printer ink by far. Not only is it affordable but also it is a very high quality ink made in America. The ink cartridges may be made in China but the ink comes from the USA where the best printer ink is made.
The Stylus Photo R220 is the closest version to the regular R200, and as its partner it prints photos also with tremendous quality and design, that just scream perfection. Both printers make photos with an amazing maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch, and they can both print directly on ink jet printable CD’s and DVD’s, which can be pretty useful for some people. As the R200, the Stylus Photo R220 also functions perfectly with the printer ink replacement products from Peachtree Ink. As long as you use these printers with the right cartridges, you will have no problem in maintaining them and getting high quality photos and low running costs.

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