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Stylus Photo R260 & R280 generic ink

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BRAND NEW T0781 Black 15ml ink in the famous PEACHTREE brand.
Brand New with a new chip. Works perfectly in your Epson
Printer.Suitable for: Stylus Photo R260 and R280, R380, RX580,RX595 RX680

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Review of the Stylus Photo R260 & R280 Printers

The versatile Epson Stylus Photo R260 ink jet printer can be used for a various number of things, like printing ultra-high definition photos with great quality and longevity. Also printing on ink jet compatible CD’s and DVD’s to make professional looking disks. All this can be done without the use of a computer. It prints on many different kinds of paper, so you will be able to use it very creatively, and with fast borderless printing of 4 x 6 inch paper in just 13 seconds, it is sure to be a great addition to your workspace. As far as cartridges are concerned, for this printer I would say the best pick are the lower cost generic printer ink cartridges from Peachtree Ink, as they work perfectly well with the R260 and R28 models. 
The affordable Stylus Photo R280 is also a great printer, pretty similar to the R260. With similar specs, and a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch, just like the R260 this printer is sure to produce photos for you with incredible quality and design. With great printers like these two, you are sure to produce a photo collection that will look spectacular. This printer also works perfectly with the cheap ink cartridges from Peachtree Ink, so this is another plus, as you won’t have to worry much about the usual high costs involved with printer ink replacements so saving money and maintaining the printer will be a pleasure.



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