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Stylus Photo R280 and R380 generic ink

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BRAND NEW T0781 Black 15ml printer ink in the famous PEACHTREE brand.
Brand New with a new chip. Works perfectly in your Epson Printer.
Suitable for: Stylus Photo R260 and R280, R380, RX580,RX595 RX680
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Review of the Stylus Photo R280 , R380, RX595, RX680 Printers

Finding a good printer these days is kind of hard, so if you want a printer that will give good results and relatively nice looking photos, it is never a bad decision to browse the printers from Epson. Some of their ink jet printer models, like the Stylus Photo versions R280, R380, RX595 and the RX680 have proven to be really useful to many normal people and professional photographers. All of these ink jet printers have 6 individual colored ink cartridges, and if you are looking to change some of your cartridges, Peachtree Ink is a great place to look at inexpensive printer ink. The cartridges that they offer work great with these printers and it is sure that you will have no problems. These printers are amazing for you to use, as they can create 4 x 6 inch photos in only about 12 seconds, and have an astonishing maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 optimized dots per inch. Not to mention they can print directly on ink jet compatible CD’s and DVD’s, so the versatility of these ink jet printers is huge. Whatever printers you use, if you chose the ones from Epson you couldn’t have been wrong.

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