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Stylus Photo R300 & R300M & R320 & R340 generic ink

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Review of the Stylus Photo R300 & R300M & R320 & R340 Printers
There are printer users who want to maximize the productivity of their units by converting them to business purposes other than personal use. This can only be done with a printer like the Epson Stylus Photo R300 Ink jet printer. It enables printing on ink jet printable CDs and DVDs. The built-in memory card slots are handy when printing files even without connecting to a personal computer. Moreover, the unit is optimized for commercial use with its six-color ink cartridges configuration. One of the cartridges includes the T0481 black printer ink cartridge. A companion model for the R300 is the Stylus Photo R320 which has most of the fine features of the former with the capability to choose, view, and crop photo files before printing a final copy. 
Another fascinating printer in the group is the Epson Stylus R340 which has a built-in color preview monitor. This unit perfectly fits commercial applications because of PC-free printing, built-in memory card slots, and use of the same ink cartridges configuration. The advanced Micro Piezo technology utilized in these printers are truly designed for photo printing. The print speeds are the same for graphics and text prints which  are at 15 pages per minute. On the other hand, the unit’s paper handling capacity is at 120 pages only for plain paper and 20 sheets for photo paper. 

The market is flooded with digital cameras of all types and sizes. However, the most important aspect of the technology is the photos. The significance of the device also depends if photographs can be printed with desirable outcome. Direct printing from this device is the specialty of the  Epson Stylus Photo R300. The PC-less printing feature of this printer extends to editing photographs. They can be saved, cropped, and re-sized even with the printer alone. This holds true for storage like picture CDs and memory cards. Aside from the front USB port for connection to digital cameras, Zip drive and CD-R drive, there is also an optional Bluetooth adapter for devices that have this feature. Versatility in connectivity extends to the R300’s ink system which employs T0481 to T0486 ink cartridges combination. For extensive photo printing duties, it is vital to utilize affordable generic ink cartridges from online distribution channels like Peachtreeink.com. Compatibility with Mac OS and Windows makes the Photo R300 adaptable to more devices. Desktop and laptop computers are common devices connected to printers but this printer connects to the new and sophisticated ones. The Advanced Micro Piezo printing technology goes hand in hand with the modernity of mobile and removable storage devices. This ink technology is optimized for photo printing with dye based photo inks as the main consumable. The ink shelf life is 2 years from production date and has a yield of 630 pages of text and 450 pages of graphic prints. 

Borderless photo prints are suitable for printing and there are people and enterprises who needs them for various purposes. These types of photos can easily be printed from the Epson Stylus Photo R320. It prints on sizes such as letter, panoramic, 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, and 8” x 10”. Using a color preview monitor, these photos as well as those in other format can be viewed and edited before the actual printing. This hardware is just one of the R320’s PC-less printing capabilities. Direct connectivity to PictBridge cameras makes this function more efficient. Moreover, other devices that this photo printer supports are CD-R, Zip drives and memory cards like CompactFlash, Secure Digital, and Sony Memory Stick. Epson integrated a number of image enhancements and filters so that users can do a host of other things with their files. There are PhotoEnhance, Exif, and PRINT Image Matching software. For the filters, there are sharpness settings, automatic correction settings, saturation, and brightness. With more than a dozen paper types that the R320 works with, its six-color ink system is truly appropriate. Aside from the usual colors of black, yellow, magenta, and cyan, there are two more color variations such as light magenta, and light cyan. The Epson original cartridges for this ink system are the T0481 to T0486 ink cartridge system. These are available as generic cheap printer inks from Peachtreeink.com online printer consumable shop.

There are printers that employ a two-ink cartridge system with one cartridge for black and the other one for yellow, cyan, and magenta. On the other hand, the Epson Stylus Photo R340 has six ink cartridges wherein the four basic colors have individual cartridges. There are also two additional cartridges with the extra colors of light cyan and light magenta. In replacement of original ink cartridges, Peachtreeink.com supplies high quality generic discount ink. The R340 can print on numerous media types like Double-sided Matte, Inkjet Transparencies, High Quality Banner paper, and Greeting Cards. Its added capability is printing on inkjet printable Business Card CD, CD-R, and DVD-R. When connected to a memory card or digital camera, photo files can be viewed from a color preview screen. As a photo printer, this unit has enough print speed to produce a 4” x 6” photo in just 57 seconds. This is also the same size for Borderless photo printing as well as letter, 5” x 7”, and 8” x 10”. Connectivity options for the R340 are high speed USB for Mac and PC connections, USB for CD-R and DVD-R drives, optional Bluetooth, and two more USB ports. This Epson printer is Energy Star compliant consuming only 13 watts of power during operation and only 3 watts in sleep mode. 

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