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Stylus Photo R500, R600, R620 ink

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Review of the Epson Stylus Photo R500, R600, R620 printers

Photo Preview and Edit with Epson Stylus Photo R500, R600, R620   

One characteristic of an efficient photo printer is not just producing new photographs but also the restoration of old ones, With the Epson Stylus Photo RX500, bringing back old photos to life is possible using the Easy Photo Fix technology. Aside from this special application, this model also has a built-in transparency unit that is handy in scanning 35 mm. Slides and negatives. Being an all-in-one printer, it is also capable of PC-free photo copying. Another Epson all-in-one printer model that is in the same league as the RX500 is the Stylus Photo RX600. Through its 2.5” LCD monitor, it is convenient to preview and edit photos.

The RX500 and RX600 both use 6-color ink cartridges system which is pretty economical because of the individual cartridges. The T0481 black ink cartridge is part of the 6 print cartridges installed in the printers. Together with these two printers, the RX620 can also process photographs and other files even without connecting to a PC. Through a digital camera, memory card, and external CD-R drive, stunning images can be printed. For any home and office setup that requires fast printing, copying, and scanning, these Epson models are on top of their class. Their main printing features are supported by sets of high-capacity individual ink cartridges.  

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