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Review of the Epson Stylus 480 printer and ink

Some users prefer a versatile printer that also has a copier, scanner, and fax functions. On the other hand, there are also those who would like to settle for a personal printer with single function only. This kind of simplicity can be found in the Epson Stylus 480. It is lightweight at only 6.6 lbs and has dimensions of 6.3’ in height, 8.3” in depth, and 17” in width. The unit’s simplicity is reflected on its white color and the wired connectivity only. In addition, the sole interface is a parallel port being matched with a basic ink system consisting of two ink cartridges. The original T050 black ink cartridge and T052 tri-color ink cartridge can be replaced with generic ink cartridges from Peachtree Ink having the same specifications. The comptibles work very well with this printer and there have been no problems to report when using the aftermarket variety if cheap printer ink

Unlike Epson’s cutting edge all-in-one printers, the Stylus 480 only accommodates half a dozen media types such as plain paper, photo paper, cards, transparencies, iron-on transfers, and glossy paper. With only 100 sheets of paper capacity and no networking capability, this personal printer is cashing in on its capability of producing crisp monochrome and color prints more for internal business and home use. This color inkjet may not have the latest set of software of other printers but it is consistent with the core function of printing sheets after  sheets of documents.             

Review of the Epson Stylus 480sx printer
The Epson Stylus 480sx is part of the series that are designed as personal printers with single functionality as well as simple features and construction. It has 100 sheets paper input capacity that is solely dedicated for printing. For this purpose, it can handle media types such as banner paper, inkjet cards, Epson photo quality film and paper, transparencies, and self-adhesive sheets. It also utilizes the trademark Epson Micro Piezo Technology for color printing. The software driver sets are Windows 95 to 2000 and Windows NT 4.0. An 8-bit bidirectional parallel interface is part of its hardware. For the ink system, two cartridges are installed which is the T050 for black and T052 tri-color cartridge. The Stylus 480sx printer is well suited to using generic cheap ink cartridges as long as those compatibles are fitted with a chip. It may not be an original Epson chip but it is nevertheless a new generic chip that allows the printer to operate correctly.

In terms of print speed, it is not the fastest color printer in comparison with its high end cousins. For a 4” x 6” photo, it clocked at 4 min and 5 sec. Moreover, it prints color text at 2.2 pages per minute and 4 pages per minute for monochrome. In relation to this, the print head configuration is at 48 nozzles for monochrome head and 15 nozzles for color head. Two years are the maximum ink life for original cartridges with the black ink cartridges producing up to 271 pages and 150 pages for color. Peachtreeink.com supplies generic cheapest ink as the best replacement option for original ones.   

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