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Stylus 500, 580, 640 ink

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Epson Stylus 500

There are printers who are not just simply workhorses of printing rooms but instead have unique features that make them in demand in the market. The Epson Stylus 500 belongs to this type of printers which can produce remarkable photo prints even in plain paper. It utilizes the Epson T050 and T52 ink cartridges for black and color combinations. The black ink cartridge can produce a maximum of 620 pages for A4 text documents and 320 pages for color. The Stylus 500 also has indicators if it is already out of paper and ink. Less misting is also one of the features of the unit because of the Multilayer Actuator Head Technology. This result is partly achieved through the T050 and T52 printer ink cartridges in use.

With the increasing efficiency of the USB interface, Epson comes up with the Stylus Color 580 model to be able to accommodate the gadgets that have this type of connection. It is exactly identical with the Stylus 500 in every aspect like paper capacity and automatic ink and paper detection. Nonetheless, the capacity for its black ink cartridge is only designed up to 300 pages for text. For the color ink cartridges, it is about 180 pages of color prints. With all of its unassuming features, the unit works well with numerous media types like glossy paper, matte-paper heavyweight, transparencies, and self-adhesive sheets.          

Review of the Epson Stylus 580 printer
The combination of print resolution and printing software creates a printer that can produce awesome photos. These two crucial features are in the core of the Epson Stylus 580. With a 1440 x 720 dpi resolution and creative photo software, this color printer can deliver vibrant photos apart from crisp documents. Together with a compact and innovative design, perfect picture printing is part of the package that this single function home and office unit offers. Compared to other Epson models in its class, the Stylus 580 works with more media types which includes inkjet cards, banner papers, transparencies, self-adhesive sheets, photo quality film, and matte-paper heavyweight. Its simple ink system includes a T050 black ink cartridge and T052 tri-color one. If you are not brand cocious then you can safely go with the aftermarket off brand replacemnet inexpensive ink cartridges by Peachtree INK. They work flawlessly in the Stylus 580 and will certainly save you quite a bit on replacement ink costs.

Clear and detailed text, graphic, and photo prints are partly due to the quality of original ink cartridges. The same quality can be obtained with the use of generic cartridges from Peachtreeink.com online store. Like other Stylus models, this printer is not too imposing with dimensions of 17” x 8.3” x 6.3”. As a personal printer, it has a power consumption of 15 watts with automatic detection on ink level. The black ink cartridge can produce a maximum of 300 pages and 180 pages for the color ink cartridge. With a USB interface, the Stylus 580 can connect to other devices apart from a personal computer.       

Review of the Epson Stylus 640 printer
Another great  Epson personal On-demand inkjet printer in the market is the Epson Stylus 640. The immediate evident advantage of this unit over its counterparts is the number of print head nozzles. It has 64 nozzles for the black ink cartridge and 96 for the color one. The color nozzles are broken down into 32 nozzles each for cyan, magenta, and yellow. On the other hand, most specification and feature are identical with other models in the Epson 600 series such as the bidirectional with logic seeking print direction. The same technology holds true for the print resolution which is at 1440 x 720 dpi. Moreover, it has the same 8-bit parallel interface and input paper capacity of 100 sheets. In this model as well as others in the series, the T050 black cartridge and T052 tri-color cartridge is in place. Did you know that the generic brand replacement ink cartridges at Peachtree INK works just as well as the Epson brand cheap epson ink cartridges so here is your opportunity to save on the price of ink cartridges.

The unit can handle more than a dozen Epson media types like glossy paper, self-adhesive sheets, photo paper, envelopes, and photo stickers. Aside from the usual home and office documents, the Styus 640 can deliver vibrant graphics and photo prints with the improved print head configuration. The ink cartridges also play a key role in the quality of output. In the absence of original ink cartridges, Peachtreeink.com supplies generic ink cartridges for a reasonable price and impressive quality. This printer can assume the dual role of a fine home printer and a reliable office buddy.

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