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T013 (S020093) avd T014 color

Review of the Epson Stylus 600 Inkjet Color Printer

Peachtree Ink offers lower cost generic ink cartridges for this printer, backed by their 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with the standard of print achieved using Peachtree Ink cartridges in your own Epson Stylus 600 color printer.  The Epson Stylus 600 printer is a lightweight machine intended for home or small office use.  It features an extremely high standard of image resolution – 1440 x 720 dpi, which give detailed, subtle variations in texture and color.  Printing on plain paper at a lower resolution (720 x 720 dpi) still offers superior quality, fast printouts due to Epson micro piezo technology, which delivers variable quantities of ink where it is needed, giving a greater range of color depth and gradation. Ink is delivered via 64 nozzles for black ink and 32 nozzles for each of the three colors, sprayed in two directions for maximum coverage and print speed. The generic cartridges work exactly the same way and for everyday use these lower cost printer ink cartridges will do the trick and save you so much money. It is surprising that some people will only use the highest cost original brand Epson ink cartridges while others will always look for the cheapest printer ink. Peachtree have a middle ground where they are not the cheapest ink supplier yet that are nowhere near the original brand prices and still they will deliver a excellent print job every time.

Epson AccuPhoto Halftoning technology automatically implements color halftoning to ensure high quality images are produced.  This printer comes with standard Centronics type 8-bit parallel and Macintosh serial ports, giving connectivity flexibility.  The printer driver offers manual or automatic selection of settings for graphics, text and image, to ensure the best possible quality print. It works efficiently with different types of paper, transparencies, and card.

A printer that weighs 5.2 kgs can be considered compact and it is more likely to be a simple single function unit. These are the characteristics of the Epson Stylus Color 600 Inkjet printer. It is only a printer or can we say it is a printer only and does not do any more than that which is unusual in this day and age of modern technology. However some people want a printer to print onlynand this Stylus 600 will do it well. It has a white finish and has a parallel and serial interface. It has a faster print speed compared to other personal printer models with 4 pages per minute for color and 6 pages per minute for monochrome. Having a print resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi, it works with media types such as iron on transfers, business cards, glossy paper, and transparencies. A simple ink system is also in place employing T050 black cartridge and T052 color ink cartridge with yellow, cyan, and magenta as the basic colors. Original ink cartridges can be replaced with generic consumables from Peachtreeink.com. These generic cheapest printer ink cartridges will work just fine with this Epson printer and in fact will save you quite a lot regarding  replacement ink cartridges.

The total media capacity for the Stylus 600 is 100 sheets which is the same capacity of most personal printers. Although wired connectivity is the sole option, the basic printing function does not fail users who look for quality text, graphic, and photo prints. It works with OS such as Windows 3, 95, and 98 as well as Mac OS. Its 15-watt operating power requirement is also standard for most compact and personal printer.  

Review of the Epson Stylus 660 printer
Printing a 4” x 6” photo in under two minutes is not an amazing feat but it is pretty impressive for a home and small office printer. This is just one of the interesting qualities of the Epson Stylus 660 which proved to be highly efficient when it comes to photo printing. With print resolution of 1440 dpi, home users would be satisfied in printing greeting cards and digital photos. Moreover, offices can enjoy crisp document printing as well as the printing of stunning web pages. Its print speed is standard for the series which is at 3.5 pages per minute for color and 5 pages per minute for black. The same T050 and T52 ink cartridges combination is employed in this model. Replacements for original ink cartridges are available at Peachtreeink.com online store.  They are the aftermarket generic Peachtree brand at a great savings over the original Epson brand which is still available online but at a very high cost. Try these lower cost T013 and T014 generic ink cartridges and you will be happy that you did.

The efficiency of the quick-drying inks is combined with the trademark Micro Piezo Inkjet technology. In addition to the latest in printing technology, other sets of innovation introduced by Epson make this unit formidable. These include the PerfectPicture Imaging System and AcuPhoto Halftoning. Photography hobbyists and graphic design professionals alike will be impressed with the package that is built into this piece of home and office equipment. To seal its reputation as an innovative photo printer, the Stylus 660 comes with photo-editing software like ArcSoft PhotoPrinter SE and Polaroid PhotoMAX Pro.     

Review of Epson Stylus 670 printer
In photo printing, hardware and software must go hand in hand to create high quality and fascinating prints. With the Epson Stylus 670, this balance in technology can be seen right away with the variable-sized droplet technology for the ink system. This is in combination with the PerfectPicture Imaging System for convenient and cutting edge photo printing. This software is capable of producing natural skin tones. In addition, the AcuPhoto Halftoning delivers ultra-smooth gradiations. The combination of T050 and T52 ink cartridges perfectly fits features like the five effect settings and five tone settings. Although original ink cartridges are the ideal consumables to use, high quality replacement discounted printer ink cartridges are being distributed by Peachtree Ink online shopat pretty nice prices. These generic ink cartridges work fantastically well in the Epson Stylus 670 so why pay more when Peachtre INK offer the same T013/T014 ink cartridges only without the expensive brand name.      

The basic printer information is the same with Stylus 660 with nozzle configuration of 64 nozzles for black and 32 pieces for each of the colors cyan. Magenta, and yellow. Print speed is also identical with 5 pages per minute for black and 3.8 pages per minute for color. There is also no difference with the 100-sheet paper capacity wherein input for photo quality inkjet paper is 65 sheets. The control panel is pretty easy to use with functions such as Load/Eject. Cleaning, and Ink Cartridge Replacement. Finally, printer status indicators include power indicator lamp, paper out,and ink out.

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