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T051 and T052 color

Review of the Epson Stylus 860 printer

With print speeds of 9.5 pages per minute for black and 7 pages per minute for color, the Epson Stylus Color 860 is the high point of technologies integrated with the Stylus 800 series. This ultimate version is characterized by laser sharp black text as well as color prints with photo quality. There are more than a couple of software installed which include eFax, ArcSoft Photo Printer, and Polaroid PhotoMAX Pro SE. The maximum resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi is supported by nozzle configuration of 144 for mono heads and 48 x 3 for color. The paper capacity is constant with the series at 100 sheets for plain paper. The same two ink cartridges are in use with models such as T052 for color and T051 for black. There are generic ink cartridges available at Peachtreeink.com which are affordable and of excellent quality.

For the interface, USB and parallel are standard with the unit with external Ethernet printer server as optional. As a workgroup printer that can assume a dual role, it works with commercial media types such as banner paper, self-adhesive sheets, transparencies, photo quality film and paper, and matte paper. Working with software drivers such as MS Windows versions and Mac OS, setup and installation would be just like a walk in the park.   

Review of the Epson Stylus 850n

A busy workgroup that needs an economical inkjet printer might want to consider the Epson Stylus 850n. It is perfect for a huge office with its dimensions of 7” in height, 18.7” in width, and 10.8” in depth. Nonetheless, its 14.3 lb-weight can easily be carried by a single person. This color printer with white finish has a maximum print resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi for both monochrome and color. There’s a 32 KB RAM installed and plug-in module networking. As  single function printer, it does not have fax, scan, and copy functions common to all-in-one printers. The cartridge duty cycle is 900 pages with two ink cartridges are installed, one black and one tri-color cartridge. One ink cartridge for the black ink is the T051 and the other is the T052 cartridge with three color chambers in one unit. If original cartridges are hard to find or if they are very expensive, then PeachtreeInk.com has high quality generic ink cartridges which will fit the Stylus 850n. These cheaper printer ink cartridges are exceptional value as they perform just like the original brand Epson cheap epson ink cartridges yet they are much cheaper.     

This single function color printer is perfect for commercial applications because of its impressive print speed. It can print 8.5 pages per minute of mono prints and 9 pages per minute for color. This is an output even its closest counterpart could not deliver. Moreover, the Stylus 850n has the versatile hardware of its group  with serial, parallel, and Ethernet 10Base-T interface. As a unit that is optimized for office use, it handles common office media types like plain paper, labels, transparencies, envelopes, iron-on transfers, and photo paper.   

The Epson Stylus 850ne is another version of the Stylus 850n that is geared towards personal printing. Some of the basic differences are lower print speed and duty cycle as well. In addition, the media types it work on are also slightly different with glossy paper and glossy photo paper added to the list. The print speed for the Stylus 850ne is 7 pages per minute for color and 9 pages per minute for black. The duty  cycle is is 300 pages per minute which is just one third of the Stylus 850n’s capacity. On the other hand, the printer also utilizes the same ink system having one black and one color cartridge. In the absence of original brand Epson ink cartridges, good generic affordable ink replacements can be sourced out at Peachtree Ink online store. High quality replacement generic ink cartridges can deliver the same quality prints as the original Epson Brand consumables provide.

For monochrome and color prints, the maximum print resolution is 1440 x 720 dpi wherein a PostScript support is optional. The operating systems required for this model are MS Windows NT 4.0, 95, 98, and Mac OS 7.0. The same set of interface is also installed such as Ethernet 10Base-T, parallel, and serial. Its maximum paper capacity of 100 sheets is just right considering that it is an excellent personal printer that can assume a dual role.   

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