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Stylus C20, C20UX , C20sx compatible ink cartridges

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This is a Epson compatible NEW cartridge (not a re-manufacture) black T013 compatible cartridge.
Choose from T013 black or T014 color or T0152 color cartridges

Review of the Stylus C20UX , C20sx Printers

Printers with two ink cartridges are easy to setup and use. The Epson Stylus C20 is one of the models that has this kind of ink configuration wherein the basic colors that are included are black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. These are cartridges that utilize the trademark Epson MicroPiezo Print Head technology. In addition, the consumables have the quality of quick-drying. These characteristics enabled the Stylus C20 to become one of Epson’s easy to use photo printers. The C20UX is one of the variations of the model. It has a built-in USB interface to accommodate gadgets with this type of connectivity. Professional-looking prints are made possible by the Variable-Sized Droplet as well as the Ultra Micro Dot technologies.
Another model that completes the set is the Epson Stylus C20SX. Its distinct feature from the C20UX is a parallel port. Like its counterparts, it has a maximum print resolution of 720 x 720 dpi and works with media types like photo paper, transparencies, photo stickers, and glossy paper. The three models’ maximum paper capacity is 100 sheets making it more of a home and small office printer. The maximum cartridge duty cycle is 300 pages which includes the T050 black and T52 color cartridges and also the T013 and T014 cartridges. This Epson C20 range of printers work very well using generic printer ink cartridges from Peachtree INK.

A budget inkjet printer with a decent speed is the image associated with the Epson Stylus C20. The immediate noticeable quality of this compact unit is the strikingly clear color and definition of the photo prints. These images become more pleasing on the eyes when the Peachtree INK compatible T013 black ink cartridge and T014 three-color cartridges are used. For a personal and small office applications, the print speed of the Stylus C20 is pretty satisfactory. Within a minute, it can produce one page of photo and graphic prints and two pages of text prints. For users who prefer a USB connection over a parallel port, there is the Stylus C20UX model. This version works with Mac and PC and also compatible with T014 color cartridge and T013 black cartridge. Another model with a parallel port connection and 720 x 720 dpi resolution is the Stylus C20SX. For the three models, the aim is affordable photo printing for consumers on a budget. In addition, their compatibility with the T013 and T014 cartridges is part of their flexibility. This feature makes the printers more versatile because consumable items are readily available at a low low price. By coming up with different versions of a single model, consumers have the option to choose the one that fits their needs.

There are users who look for a personal printer with size as one of the main considerations. This is due to limitations in space at home or in the office. Although the Epson Stylus C20SX works with media size as large as Panoramic A2, it is not really a heavy and large printer. At 5.5 lbs, it is actually a light-weight personal printer with a streamlined dimensions of 16.7” x 8.9” x 6.6”. Like its brother, the C20UX, it has a print speed of 6.5 pages per minute for monochrome and 3.5 pages per minute for color. The obvious difference between the two is that the C20UX has a USB port while the C20SX has a parallel port interface. The same ink system is also in place with the T050 black and T52 tri-color original ink cartridges installed. Using the much generic cheap ink cartridges from Peachtreeink.com would also deliver the same print quality for both text and color output. Paper capacity for the Stylus C20SX is at 100 sheets which is identical with most personal printers. As a single function printer, it does not have a scanner, copier, and fax. Moreover, its print head duty cycle is only at 300 pages. The operating system required for the unit is limited to MS Millennium, 2000, 95, and 98. At 45 dBA sound level, it is more silent than other personal printer models. As a personal unit, the media sizes it works with is limited to photo paper, index cards, plain paper, transparencies, envelopes, and iron on transfers.

Having a single function color printer with advanced imaging technology is highly possible with the Epson Stylus C20UX. This Stylus model which also utilizes the trademark Micro Piezo print head technology has a maximum print resolution of 720 dpi. With the AcuPhoto Halftoning software, image clarity and text sharpness are standard print results for the Stylus C20UX. This quality can be further enhanced by using Epson specialty media and original four-color ink cartridges. This unit utilizes the T050 black ink cartridge as well as the T050 tri-color one. The ideal replacement for these quick-drying inks are generic cartridges distributed by Peachtreeink.com online shop. Designed for home and commercial use as well, technologies like the Variable-Sized Droplet and Ultra Micro Dot are instrumental in printing graphic, text , and photos with accuracy that almost 100% original. The unit also has a decent print speed with 6.5 pages per minute for balck and 3.5 pages per minute for color. This print rate is definitely faster than most personal printers. The limitations of the Stylus C20UX could be the single USB interface and limited media type accommodation. Nonetheless, high quality color prints are guaranteed not only because of the software but also with the nozzle configuration with 48 for black and 15 each for cyan, magenta, and yellow. Remeber that you can get a low cost alternative printer ink cartridge replacements right here and we guarantee that these cartridges will work perfectly for you and your printer every time.

Review of the Epson Stylus C20 printer
There are instances wherein buyers of printers did not get their money’s worth by obtaining a printer and finding that only one cartridge is packaged with the unit. It reflects the manufacturer’s commitment to its patrons. On the other hand, Epson guarantees right-out-of-the-box printing with the Epson Stylus C20. At 6.14 lbs, it can be considered as a light printer but its dimensions of 16.7” x 9” x 6.8” can be classified as medium size. It has a paper capacity of 100 sheets like most personal printers but it operates on a slightly higher power requirement of 16 watts. Its power consumption of 4 watts during standby mode is also quiet high. The ink cartridges provised with the printer are however only starter ink cartridges and will print only for a short while. You should stock up with a set of replacement ink cartridges to keep you going. You will however, find that the original Epson ink cartridges are pretty expensive because of their brand name. Alternative cheaper ink cartridges can be used on this C20 printer with no loss of quality. The aftermarket cheap inks will cost a lot less and if you order them from Peachtree INK you will be assured of excellent quality at a very good price.

The print resolution for the Stylus C20 is at 720 x 720 dpi with print speed of 6.5 pages per minute. Like its closest counterparts, the unit works with media types like photo stickers, matte paper heavyweight, photo paper, self-adhesive sheets, and transparencies. Indicator lamps light up when paper and ink are almost out. In this way, the operator can prepare the necessary consumable in order not to hamper operation. Original T050 and T052 ink cartridges provide quality prints that last for years. Nonetheless, more affordable generic ink cartridges from Peachtreeink.com can also be used.  

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