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Review of the Stylus C40, C40s, C40sx, C40UX Printers

The two common types of connectivity for printers are USB and parallel ports. Various IT equipment and accessories are connected using these ports. The Epson Stylus C40SX photo printer has a parallel port while the Stylus C40UX has a USB port. These photo printers accommodate a maximum media size of 8.5” x 23.4” and has a total paper capacity of 10 sheets only. They are single function units that do not have a scanner, copier, or fax because it is purely designed for printing documents especially photographs. For vibrant and highly detailed photo prints, the two printers employ T050 black ink cartridge and T52 color cartridge.This Stylus C40 series of printers accepts the generic form of printer ink cartridges very easily and perform very well on these lower cost versions of the T050 and T052 inkjet cartridges.
In this series, the entry level model is the Epson Stylus C40 which can print 3.5 pages per minute of graphics and photos and 8 pages per minute of text documents. The fourth variation in the series is the Stylus C40S which has a maximum resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi. The unit is Mac and Window compatible with USB interface for connectivity. It has the built-in Film Factory Lite software which is a reliable technology for flawless picture printing. Like its counterparts, the C40S utilizes the Micro Piezo Ink technology which also works well with media such as matte-paper heavyweight, self-adhesive sheets, and inkjet cards.

Nozzle configuration and ink system have crucial importance in the print quality of any printer. In the Epson Stylus C40, there are 48 nozzles for black and 45 nozzles for the tri-color with 15 each for cyan, magenta, and yellow. For simplicity and cost-effectiveness, only two ink cartridges are employed such as the T050 and T52 Epson brand combination. These consumables promise vibrant colors and longer lasting print results. Alternative aftermarket ink cartridges of the same quality can be bought from Peachtreeink.com as generic ink cartridges. These aftermarket brand printer ink cartridges seem to work just as well as the more expensive branded ink cartridges and seem to work pretty well for every day use. Printing out documents and letters and any copies seem to be just fine. Most people who have tried the cheaper generic ink cartridges have expressed their satisfaction and have shown their appreciation for the savings.
At 8 pages per minute, it has faster print speed compared to the Stylus C20. The maximum paper size the printer can handle is A4 and it works with media types such as Epson special paper, plain bond, glossy film, glossy paper, transparencies, photo paper, and index cards. The maximum input paper capacity for this unit is 100 sheets and the ink cartridges have a maximum yield of 300 pages. In terms of power consumption and consumable sensing mechanisms, it has identical features with the Stylus C20 as well as its closest counterpart models. With the stylus C40, users will have the chance to enjoy text, graphic, and photo printing in one single function unit. It does not cost as much as a true photo printer but the quality of prints is definitely not far from the latter delivers. 

Most people love their digital photos so much that they would go a great length to be able to keep them properly. This is the convenience that the Epson Stylus C40S offers to photography enthusiasts and professionals. With the Epson Film Factory Lite, thousands of photos from different sources can be collected, stored, edited, arranged, and printed. The unit’s two-button control panel is perfect for professionals who are on the go. Moreover, the on-screen ink level indicator provides crucial information on the status of ink cartridges ensuring that printing operation would not be disturbed. The ink cartridges in use are the T52 tri-color and T52 black which has generic ink replacements that can be sourced from Peachtreeink.com online.  The lower cost generic ink cartridges seem to work just fine in this Epson Stylus C40S printer. No need to buy original brand Epson ink cartridges as this will only cost you a lot and mainly waste your money. The best bet is to cust your printer running costs by using Compatible ink cartridges all the time. The Stylus C40S has a USB connectivity not only for easy setup but also for adaptability to numerous devices. With high quality photo prints from a print resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi, it is like printing from a dedicated photo printer. The print speed for color text is 3.5 pages per minute and 8 pages per minute for black text. One interesting feature of this printer is that it works with a number of software drivers such as Mac OS 8.5.1 to 9.1, MS Windows 98, XP, 2000, and Millennium.

A printer at home is not a luxury item anymore but increasingly becoming a necessity like the mobile phone. One easy-to-use printer fit for the home and office as well is the Epson Stylus C40SX. Through Epson’s innovative printing technologies, school projects, resumes, reports, and photographs can be printed with clarity and vibrant colors. The ink cartridges, T050 and T52 have quick-drying quality and their replacements can be bought from Peachtreeink.com as supplier of good quality and generic cheap printer inks. As a personal printer, the Stylus C40SX has a decent print speed. It is capable of printing 8 pages per minute of monochrome prints and 3.9 pages per minute for color. This printer’s obvious difference from its brothers is the Centronics-type 8-bit parallel interface. The largest paper format it can handle is A4 and works with a few media types such as plain paper, envelopes, Epson inkjet cards, photo quality glossy film, and photo quality inkjet paper. At 2.8 kg, it is one of the lightest personal printers around. Epson’s Micro Piezo print head technology ensures stunning and long lasting prints with nozzle configuration of 48 nozzles for black and 15 each for cyan, magenta, and yellow. The same piece of technology is standard in the majority of Epson printers. 

Printers with a USB interface are in demand for busy professionals who always need to print files on the run. Incidentally, this is the key feature of the Epson Stylus C40UX as one of the easy-to-use personal printer series.  The printer drivers for this unit are Mac OS 8.1 to 9x and MS Windows 98, 2000, and Me. Having a maximum print resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi, it employs the AcuPhoto Halftoning software for more detailed images with vibrant color. There are two ink cartridges installed being the T050 black and T52 tri-color cartridges. You will get a starter set of ink cartridges which sadly will not last very long. Epson are banking on you having to get a new set of ink right away to help cover the cost of the printer. However you will find the Epson branded ink cartridges expensive. A lot more than you thought and it may even come as a shock to you at first. Do not dispair as  Peachtreeink.com distributes generic ink cartridges with a very high quality and yet they will not be responsible for sticker shock. In fact you will love the price of the lawer cost aftermarket cheapest ink cartridges at Peachtree. For an A4 size text and photo, the print speed is 1.2 pages per minute and 286 seconds per photo for a 4” X 6” size. The average print speed is 8 pages per minute for black text and 3.9 pages per minute for color text. The Stylus C40UX can handle a maximum of 100 sheets of plain paper and 30 sheets for Epson photo quality inkjet paper. As an office and home buddy, this personal printer is easy to carry and install with a mere weight of 2.8 kg. It is one of the best choices for convenient and affordable printing.  

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