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Stylus C41, C41S, C41UX, C41sx compatible ink cartridges

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This is an Epson Stylus compatible NEW cartridge (not remanufactured) Black T038 Epson compatble ink for Stylus C41,C43,C45,CX1500,CX1500v ----------------------------------- ALL ORDERS SHIP OUT NEXT DAY BY 2-3 DAY PRIORITY

Review of the Stylus C41, C41S, C41UX, C41sx Printers

An economical and easy to use home printer has a tremendous appeal to consumers. This is the convenience that the Epson Stylus C41 promises. The model comes with different versions with distinct enhancements. There is one with a USB interface and the other has a parallel port. Nonetheless, all models in the series uses the T038 black printer ink cartridge as well as the T039 three color cartridge.  The latter’s color selection are yellow, magenta, and cyan. Another model that offers pleasing home photo printing results is the Stylus C43. Like the C41, it has other versions with USB and parallel ports. 
One of the interesting features of these batch of printers is Epson’s Intellidge Ink Cartridges. Any information about the ink cartridges are easy to see because of a cutting edge sensing tool. Moreover, every small drop of ink is guaranteed to be utilized to the fullest with the unique MicroPiezo technology. A third version that can process 5.4 pages of color prints per minute is the Stylus C45. For black text, it prints 12 pages for crisp documents per minute. The T038 and T039 ink cartridges are also the compatible consumables for this version. These two sets of Peachtree ink generic inks are really perfect for home photo printing.

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