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Stylus C44, C44ux, C46 generic ink cartridges

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This is an Epson Stylus C42 compatible NEW printer ink cartridge (not remanufactured) Same quality and Quantity as EOM T036201 and T036 Black T036 Epson compatble ink for Stylus C42ux,C44ux,C46
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Review of the Epson Stylus C44 and C46 printers

This Epson printer variation, the Epson Stylus C44 is designed to work with contents associated with the internet such as emails, web pages, and other online information. It is the Epson Stylus C44
and C46 that has two cartridges with T036 for black and T037 for colors yellow, cyan, magenta. If utilized for WebTV, the printer has a resolution of 360 x 360 dpi. For Windows and Mac PCs, the resolution is 180 x 180 dpi. The 100 –sheet input tray and 45 dB sound level is the same as the Stylus 400 as well as the ink cartridge orientation. Peachtree Ink supplies the lower cost generic ink cartridges for this Epson Stylus model and it is well known that these generic ink cartridges work very well in the Epson Stylus C44 printer.  There seems to be no problem for this printer to accept the lower cost generic version ink cartridges. The print quailty remains high yet the cost drops dramatically.

The Stylus C44 automatically detects if the printer ink is low or already out. The yield for black is 540 pages for text, 380 pages for graphics, and 300 pages for color. Unlike Epson’s photo printers, this unit only handles a couple of media types like plain paper, photo paper glossy, and 360 dpi inkjet paper. The Stylus 440 is more of a personal printer judging from the paper capacity and basic features. With 64 nozzles for monochrome head and 21 nozzles for color head, it can easily print pages from the web with color accuracy and clarity.        

Not all printers are quiet and small but these are the two main features that the Epson Stylus C46 is offering. It boasts of 45 dB (A) sound level which is considered as whisper-quiet. At 360 dpi, this Epson model utilizes the Stylus technology which is inkjet printing with more detailed and sharper graphics. Moreover, blacks become blacker with the use of T0360 ink cartridges. It is combined with the T037 tri-color ink cartridge to complete a set that has a very quick drying quality. This cheap cartridge
also guarantee smudge free prints. Peachtree Ink offers a more affordable option with their low cost generic ink cartridges offering the same quality as the higher cost Epson branded ink cartridges.

At 10.6 lbs, this color printer is easy to carry and can fit into tight spaces with its 6.3” x 17” x 10.4” frame. As a high definition personal printer, the 100-sheet paper capacity is enough for home and small office use. Through graphics printing enhancements such as microfeeding, error diffusion, and microweaving, print results are ensured of improved clarity and definition. In addition, ease of use and installation is achieved with the Stylus C44’s compatibility with Windows OS. With print speed of 120 characters per second, it can compete with the best personal printers around the world.  

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