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Stylus C62, C62UX and CX3200 generic ink cartridges

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This is an Epson Stylus C62 compatible NEW cartridge (not remanufactured)
Same quality and Quantity as EOM T040120 and T040
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Inkjet Cartridge for Stylus C62/CX3200 Printer

Review of the Stylus C62 and CX3200 Printers

Fast printers are capable of producing more number of prints in less time. Nonetheless, print speed is not the ultimate test for printer quality. Richness of color and clarity are two of the essential qualities of printed materials may it be photographs and simple documents only. These characteristics are the main offerings of the Epson Stylus C62 inkjet printer. It is capable of delivering 10 pages per minute of color prints and 14 pages per minute of text prints. Aside from this, the unit works with a number of media and can function as a home and office printer. The Stylus C62 is compatible with T040 black and T041 three color cartridge. The Peachtree Ink branded generic ink works perfectly in these printers.
The quality of photographs from this Epson model is a notch higher than other photo printers because of Resolution Performance Management. The technology enabled the C62 to obtain an optimized resolution of 5760 x 720 dpi. This means that the photos printed in this single function unit is at par with those that are printed from a photo lab. The Stylus C62 is not a workhorse because its maximum paper capacity is only 100 pages. However, it is not a main issue because it is one of the fastest and most versatile Epson printer available and is very popular. You see them everywhere in office cubicles as personal printers that save time and money.  Saves money especially when utilizing the Peachtree Brand generic inexpensive printer ink

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