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Stylus C67 compatible ink cartridges

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This Epson Stylus C67 compatible NEW printer ink cartridge - (Not a remanufacture) Brand new from the Peachtree factory-same quantity, same quality as EOM T063120 and T0631 All cartridges come complete with fitted chip.
Brand New Replacement Guaranteed INK-TANK Brand T0631 compatible ink for Epson Stylus C67,C87,CX3700,CX4100,CX4700,CX5700f,CX7700
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Review of the Stylus C67 Printers

There are times when the type of software defines the capability of a printer. This built-in feature is the edge that makes the Epson Stylus C67 one of the most affordable modern printers. Foremost among the group of software is the Epson Creativity Suite. Included in this package is the toll to create and personalize photo print frames which is dubbed as the PIF Designer. There is also the Epson Web-to-Page software as well as the Easy Photo Print. The unit uses standard capacity ink cartridges T0631 to T0634. It may not be the fastest photo printer but it can produce 17 pages of monochrome prints per minute. For color prints, 9 pages can be printed per minute.  This Epson C67 printer uses the T0631 to T0634 printer ink. You can either get very expensive original brand Epson replacement ink cartridges or you canbuy your replacement cheap printer ink cartridges from Peachtree INK  at a substantial saving. The Peachtree INK brand has been tried and tested by thousands of savvy customers and they all can testify as to the great quality of these printer ink cartridges. We certainly recommend the low cost after market ink cartridges  for excellent quality and price.

This is the Epson Stylus C67 printer. A 4-kg color printer that has ample paper capacity of 120 sheets is identical with the fine features as all the Epson Stylus range of fine printers. This Stylus C67 printer is not only designed for printing mono and color text documents  but can also be used in printing pages with graphic representations, and photos. Having a USB 1.1 interface, it easily connects to the latest devices like laptops and tablet computers for swift data processing. For photo printing tasks, there are a couple of software in place such as the Epson Creativity Suite and Epson Photo Print. There are four cartridges installed in the Stylus C67 such as the T0631 to T0634 series. For more affordable printing, there are generic branded replacement cheap ink cartridges available at Peachtreeink.com online shop at substantially lower prices. Unfortunately Original brand Epson Ink cartriges can be very expensice and heavy on the pocket to replace but with the option of the cheaper generic ink cartridges you will not feel the pain when you have to buy a set of the T063 series ink cartridges. 
This unit is not as fast as Epson’s MFPs in the same category. It only prints 17 pages of black text per minute and 9 pages of color prints per minute. With a 5760 x 1440 maximum print resolution, the unit is capable of producing BorderFree photos in 4” X 6” size and the larger A4 size. The Stylus C67 is one of Epson’s energy-efficient printers with only 11 watts of power consumed during operation. A standard one-year warranty is in effect with optional additional 2 years. 

Service Manual for the Epson C67 printer.

Is your Epson C67 printer getting old? Need a service manual? Click here.


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